Impromptu Writing 4/18

Describe the picture 1:

In the picture, we can see a figure sitting in the center, the background behind him looks like the inside of someone’s apartment. The figure seems to be an old man wearing strange clothes and a mask in light blue. He looks like an old version of superman with that costume. The man is eating an orange, and there are several oranges in a basket on the table in front of him. In the background, we can see a window on the left side of the picture, and there are two red sofas close to the window.


Tell the story (picture 2):

My name is Lucy and I have been living in a village with my family for 12 years. I have a pet dog, whose name is Tony, who has been with my family since three years ago. As my parents all have jobs on the farm, they are very busy every day and seldom spend time with me. I always feel so jealous of other kids in our neighborhood who can go to the zoo or the swimming pool with their parents on the weekends. However, after Tony became our new family member, we soon became each other’s closest friend and spend much more time together. With Tony as my friend, I do not feel lonely anymore.

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