Exhibition reflection

Exhibitions was yesterday and it was fun and I enjoyed it. If I did it again I would probably write more detailed and make sure everything was perfect and add more interactive things. The attitudes that I did well was caring because I tried my best to help everybody int he group and other groups. I think I was also a communicator by telling people in my group my ideas and share them. I was also knowledgeable by using the information I learnt from a long time ago and using the right now. I wasn’t that principled because I wasn’t always fair and other people in my group was also really unfair to me and the other members. Our group was really committed and we used a lot of communication. Because we wanted to make sure the exhibition was perfect. We were social because we were listening to each other really well and we talked a lot. Also we each of us researched a lot and it was really hard but we were very hard working.

The pros of the mentor meeting we had is that it was really fun and our mentor, Ms. Singer was really nice and so awesome! Also we got to learn a lot and we went to the Google office which was amazing!!!! The people at the google office where really free and they got to express themselves there. At the end we interviewed the 2 people who work for google maps and it was really fun.Also we got to miss math so that was awesome. The cons of the mentor meetings is that sometimes we had to miss recess to go to meet up with our group and Ms.Singer. But there was nothing bad about the mentor meetings exept that and it was so much.

If I could do exhibition all over again, I would have chose music because music helps me through everything and music is my spark of genius and I have loved it every since I was 4. Also would have tried my best to write more and write more detailed. Since we are doing exhibition again in 10th grade, I would chose music and I would put all my effort in to it.


Today we worked on our visual piece  and our keynote presentations. We practiced our presentations and what to do. We diceded to read it out and tell them exactly what we wrote. My visual piece is a poster with a lot of famos social media logos  and it shows how its connected because I connected the wire to make all of this.  Also this piece shows my research because on the sides of the poster board I wrote facts and the history of social media. It came out well and it is verty organized and neat. And it doesn’t look like I bolbed everything together and I did what I was supposed to do and it looks good. Our presentations are simple and are exactly what the teacher wanted. I think exhibition is going really well and I can’t believe it’s in like 2 days!!!! I can’t wait and it’s going to be so much fun!

Exhibiton last week!

Next week is the exhibiton and I am really exited but really scared at the same time. I am exited because I get to show who I am in exhibition night and show what I did this year in exhibition. I am scared because I have to present and I get really nervous when I have to present. Today we worked in our prestentaions and our keynotes. We also worked on how we should plan our presentation. I think it is going really well and the things that we made are really detailed and everybody is really commited in to working on this. Also I worked on my spanish exhibition keynote in spanish class. I am done with my spanish exhibition but I still need to finish the keynote (group) and just make sure everyhting in my song is perfect! Exhibition is so exiting and I can’t wait.

Exhibition/Field Trip

Today instead of working on our exhibition essay the technology group and  the social media group went to the google office. It was so cool! It was so amazing because they literally had everything! Some things that they had were a huge game room. And next to that was another game room but a bit smaller. Also they had free food! I would love to work there if I could but I want to be a Singer/Actress but they are so free at the google office and they have scooters! They can express themselves through the way they want there and they can mostly do whatever they want.  The people that showed us around were really free and they really expressed themsleves.  I learnt that there are a lot of pros and cons in working in the google office. Like I said if you work there then you can really show who you are. Today was so much fun and I got to expreience something really special.

Exhibition Blog Week 4

Today we worked on more on our essay because if we aren’t done with our draft soon the we will be really behind. We still didn’t have our mentor meeting yet. Also since we had art today we worked on our visual art piece. Mine is a fake Instagram page that expresses myself.  I am going to post thing of what I like. I will post myself singing or dancing. Also will I post my fashion style and my favorite outfits. The LP I am using a lot is reflective because I  was really reflective for a lot of time today and I did a much work I could do.  Next week we are going on a field trip. We are going to the Sony Technology musuem. I can’t wait because it sounds so much fun! Also Diana had her party there so it’s going to be awesome. I think our next mentor meeting is next week because we need to reflect on the field trip.  I took responsicbilty today by doing what I was supposed to do and now I am already in the 4th paragragh! I think my essay is good and detailed. I just need to add a few more details to it’s perfect! I can’t wait for exhibition and I really want it to be right now!

Exhibition Blog Week 4

This is our 4th week in exhibtion and I think it’s going great. At the end of the day we had to share our creative writing piece. It was so scary! Since I am really shy when I did my song I was literally under the table freaking out. My song was really complicated. It’s about this girl who doesn’t have social media and she is taking about that in this song. If I was in the charity group than maybe it would have worked better but I think it went ok. I made like 2 mistakes in my song but I will edit it before exhbition. We didn’t have a mentor meeting today but we are starting to write essays about our topic. We got a planning sheet and we used our articlesto fill it out. The essay is due (I think) next next week. That means that I need to do my best to write a great essay. I can’t wait to do more things in exhibtion and I can’t wait for exhibition!!

♡Exhibtion week 3 blog♡

Exhibition is really fun now because we finished all the hard work (articles and etc.) and now we are doing the creative writing piece. I am writing a song and it’s going really well. I need to start working more because the due date is friday and I’m still working on the second verse. Since I am shy I kind of don’t want to perform it on exhibition but I chose this and I love music so I guess I will be ok. My song is based on a person who lives in a place that doesn’t have internet and I wrote about how she feels and about it on my verses. I looked for a sentence that was really deep in one of my articles and I used it in my chorus. I have shown that I was a thinker because I was thoughtful of my time and I made good decisions on what rhythms to use. Also I was a communicator by letting Bella, Will, and other people listen to my song. I love exhibition because it is so much fun and I can’t wait to do more things on exhibition. Also I really love songwriting so I am happy that we get to write songs and do something really special like this.♡

Exhibition Blog

This is our 3rd week on exhibition. Since our buddies are here we need to work on the exhibition harder. I am in the normal process because I finished the packet about articles and now I am just researching. I am feeling good because I am going in a normal pace in the exhibition. Our mentor meetings are going really well and we are right now thinking about the field trip and who to interview. We wrote ideas about that and I think that we should go to the Sony Technology museum. We might interview our mentor’s (Ms. Singer) husband because he is right now working on a social media site so we think it will be good to interview him and learn about it. My creative writing piece is a song and I can’t wait to write it! I am using it on garage band and it’s turing out pretty well. My thoughts on my creative writing piece is that I think we need more time because we only had a week and it took me about a month to make my first song perfect. My questions changed to something that was more detailed because my old question was too simple. Now my questions are detailed and more challenging. A learner profile word that I have been using well and often is principled because I am trying really hard to focus and I am doing it well. Exhibition is really fun and I can’t wait to do more!!