Exhibition Week 6

Today in Exhibition, I completed a lot of things. First, I finished my slide for the exhibition keynote. What I put in the presentation was on of my questions, what things can touch a touch screen? I put 6 objects in the slide. Those things are: A banana, a Water Bottle, a penny, an apple, a battery, and a pencil. The audience has to figure out which can touch the iPad’s screen and which can’t. The apple, banana, and the battery does work, and the water bottle, the pencil (eraser), and the penny doesn’t work. On Sunday, I finished my iPad poster. It turned out very well. I spent a lot of time coloring blue! What our group also did today, was write letters to Ms. Scheck and Ms Schott. The one to Ms. Scheck was to thank her for being our mentor teacher, and to ask her to join us to look at our final exhibition project to see how we ended up doing. The one to Ms. Schott, was to explain who we are, what exhibition is, and what exhibition topic we were doing. Then we also asked for her to join exhibition. I hope that exhibition will turn out well for us.

Today I was a thinker, because I concentrated and worked hard.

Exhibition Week 5 Post 2

Today in exhibition we worked on two things. Those things are working on my exhibition informational essay, which is starting to come along, and we  also started on our exhibition keynote presentation. That is a group project with our exhibition group. We planned on our own title, and now we are working on our own slides. In my informational essay, I just need to edit it then print out a pic collage cover. When I’m done with that, I will work on my art visual piece. What I am doing for that, is a design of an iPad out of cardboard, with all of the app signs on it, so it will look like a real iPad. I need to work hard on exhibition because there is only 5 days left!!

Today I was a risk- taker because I was pushing myself to get as much as I could done with exhibition.


Field Trip to Google

The field trip to google was awesome! I am going to write this entry so you can imagine that you were doing this trip. We walked into a building on 14th street. We saw a big “google” sign made out of those lights that you can bend. A worker called Kevin Hu took us to the elevator. There was 16 floors in the building. We went up the elevator to the fourth floor, where most tourists go. (You’re usually not allowed to go into the google office, but since Ms. Scheck is friends with a few of the workers, we got special permission.) First we got our name tags, then we looked at the old computers that have been invented long ago. I took a picture of the world’s first apple mac. It kind of looks like a Microsoft windows computer, only older. We also saw a NEXT computer that Steve Jobs himself invented. Unfortunately, the NEXT company didn’t sell too well, so the business started slowing down and eventually stopped. Then we went to a room that was filled with lego. I’m not so sure why the lego room had anything to do with google, but whatever. It was still fun to build stuff. 🙂 Then we went to where all of the food is cooked. I can’t believe that all of the food is free! They let us have a cup of M&M’s each. Next, we went to the game room. The game room is where all of the workers can relax, chill out, exercise, or play games like table tennis or pool. The game room was awesome! There were massage chairs, pool tables, table tennis tables, fuss ball, an xbox, and much more! After that, we went to another game room, but this time there were only a few pac man machines. I’m not so sure, but i think that pac man was the first video game invented. I could be wrong. It was interesting and kind of hard to play. Lastly, we went into one of the office rooms to ask any questions that we had. I asked, How long has google been around? It turns out that google started in 1997. The trip to google was really fun. I wish that it never ended. During the trip, I was knowledgeable. I was knowledgeable because I listened and payed attention to the tour guide, and I took great interest in everything.

Exhibition Week 4 post 2

Me, my group, and my family have been taking some action. Our group has been taking action by recommending websites to each other. Max made a website and via email and shared the link to me. My dad has been taking action by giving me magazines with technology articles on them. our group is also taking action by going on a field trip to google. Today I showed responsibility because I knew that I was behind, so I did my best to catch up.

BTW I completely ran out of ideas on what to type. I got kind of stuck.

Exhibition Week 4

Today we started working on pre-writing our informational essay. What the informational essay is, is when you choose a question out of the three, and then you put all of your information from that question to write a paragraph about it. That is kind of going slow for me, so I hope I can do it a bit faster tomorrow. What we also did today is sharing our Creative Writing songs. (the songs were all we had time for to look at for today) We looked at Akash’s, Alden’s, Diana’s, and Tori’s. I really liked Akash’s because I learned a lot from it and he sang loud and clear. The rest of them I kind of had trouble hearing.

Exhibition Week 3 Reflection

This week was a very busy exhibition week for me. First of all, I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, so I was 2 days behind. Luckily, I caught up with everybody else in the class, so I’m not that behind anymore. The first thing that I did was to finish my creative writing piece. What that is, is when you use all of your research from your topic, (mine is access to technology) and you use it all in your creative writing piece. What I mean by the word “creative”, is that it can’t be any old Microsoft Word entry about technology, it has to be creative. For example, I did a fake interview with a made up person, where I ask him questions and he answers me. Some people wrote up a song for their topic, and some people even created a website. Besides that, I also filled in my references sheet. All of my references were websites. A goal for me is to find some references that do not include any electronics. For example, I can use a book, a newspaper, or a magazine. Maybe I can even go to a museum that has a big technology exhibit. So far, exhibition is going well for me.

Exhibition Week 2 Reflection

Today we had our second mentor meeting with our group. In the meeting we talked about our three questions. My three questions are, Why do some electronics need a wifi connection, how has technology changed over the years, and how does a touch screen sense your finger. They came up with a lot of interesting articles for the questions. I think that my research is going well. Today we also made a list of resources that we can use for exhibition. Then we sorted them into categories. These three categories are Digital, Print, and Alternate. Digital meaning computers and iPads, Print meaning books and magazines, and alternate meaning people and field trips. I think that so far I’m doing good in exhibition.

Exhibition Week 2

Barriers to distribution of technology around the world. There are a lot of countries that don’t have access to technology. Some examples are China and Turkey, who doesn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube! They did this because they didn’t want their people to post negative comments about their country. That is unfair. This impacts others because they want to express themselves! If they don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, then you don’t have the accessibility to express themselves through technology. You can take action by writing a letter to the Chinese president saying how else they can solve the situation, for example fining people for posting bad remarks about their country instead of banning it for everyone. Today I focused on finding articles for my first question for exhibition. I have realized that it is much harder then you think to find an article that specifically answers your question, so we worked on making our questions more specific. For example, one of Jonah’s questions were why do people risk their lives for religion, and I came up with, why is exhibition so important. Exhibition so far is a challenge, but I’m doing my best.

Exhibition Week 1 Reflection

Starting off exhibition in December, I do admit that I was a little bit nervous about it and who my partner(s) would be. But as soon as we did our first exhibition meeting I wasn’t nervous anymore. My partners are Max, Alden, and Daniel. My topic ended up being Technology. The group’s central idea at the moment is: People express themselves through technology. My central idea is: The distribution of technology around the world. The first meeting with our group teacher (Ms. Schack) went really well. We also presented in the parent exhibition meeting.  Now I’m actually looking forward to exhibition!

Union Settlement Reflection

Today we went on a field trip to the Union Settlement in east Harlem. It was quite fun. In the garden we worked on making pots, planting flowers, or picking up sticks and leaves and stuff like that to compost for the community. Union Settlement is a school, and a place for the elderly. Max, Hugo and I worked together digging holes to plant flowers. I decorated a biodegradable pot and planted celery in it. It was all fun to do.