1. What was the main reason you left your country?
    1. This is because I would like to try to be independence. I could not depend on my parents anymore when I came to New York City. I have to do all things by myself and live on my own. This is considered as a challenge to me. Living on myself, I have to be stronger as there is no one would support me and help me without complaining. What’s more, it is also considered a good opportunity for me to adjust the new environment which I might have as well. It could also lay the foundation for my college life.
  2. Were there other reasons?
    1. I would also want  to accept another kind of teaching style. What I had in Shanghai were 40 students in one class and students would not have as many opportunities to communicate and have deep connections with their teachers as they do in the USA. However, I am participating in classes which only has 20 students in maximum. Therefore, this kind of environment makes me feel more connected with teachers, and thus a better reflection and interaction of things they teach. I also wanted to broaden my horizon, using the experience of living abroad alone.
  3. How did you choose where you would move?
    1. Because I decided to have my college life in the USA. I wanted to get used to the life in here as early as I can, so I choose the USA. What’s more, my best friend also would move to the USA to have her study life as well. It is better for a foreigner to have someone accompany when going abroad.
  4. Who helped you in the new country?
    1. There are many people help me in the new country. My aunt always helps me on the problems of my life. She always takes me to some amazing places to explore this new and strange country. What’s more, she also encouraged me when I came to the new country. She did not want me to feel too lonely, so she said much comforts word to make me feel better. My new friends at Dwight helped me when I first came to Dwight. They told me their experiences of studying at this school, as well as their thoughts when they came to this country. We also learn from each other academically.
  5. What kind of help did you need most?
    1. I think because my parents did not come with me to this new place, what I need most are an environment with less pressure and more friendly and warmness. I am still homesick even I have already been there for almost 2 years. It is really hard for a foreigner to come to a new country without their family. What’s more, I also need someone who could take me to explore this country to find good restaurants to grab food, who is my aunt.
  6. Did you have to learn a new language?
    1. I could speak in English already in Shanghai, but for now, I have to speak it during my daily life. It is considered as the first language to communicate with people at school, as almost all students are from different countries, and the common language is English. Therefore, such environment could improve my language skill. However, Chinese is still my first language, and I still use it to communicate with my parents and other family members.
  7. How did your lifestyle change?
    1. In my hometown, I would have my breakfast and other meals be prepared and waited for me to just eat. However, when I move to a new country, I have to prepare them by myself. I also have to know how to take care of myself. I need to master the time in a better way, as in Shanghai, my parents would look after me and tell me I should do my work. I would also be more concern about my own body health, as we all know it is a trouble if you were sick in the USA. What’s more, there will be a closer relationship between my parents and me, because we all miss one another.
  8. Did it have an effect on family relationships?
    1. I would be more connected with my parents. This is because it is really a long time for all of us to meet again. There is less time for us to get alone. And I would be more patient to my grandparents. When I was in Shanghai, every time they talked to me, they always had lots of words to say, so I was very impatient to them. However, when I went to another place, where they no longer could accompany with me, I would miss the word they say.
  9. What’s the major difference between living in this new country and the country you originally live?
    1. When I came to New York, I found that there are lots of people from every part of the world. It is a more embracing country than Shanghai, even though Shanghai is also a metropolitan. What’s more, the time for people to have their meal also has a great difference. People in New York seems more friendly because they would help you when they found you need their help, in a very initiative position. I found I could be accepted in new York as there are lots of other people come from other places as well. The weather in New York is worse than Shanghai, but the air is much fresher.
  10. What was your favorite food there?
    1. Actually, when I was still in China, I never found that I was so interested in the hotpot. However, when I came to this new country, I was missing the hotspot all the time. What’s more, I also miss the Cantonese food very much, but I still could not find any restaurants in New york that could have the same tastes as it is in Shanghai. No matter how is the weather, cold or hot, I was missing that. However, when I came to New York, I found that Japanese food is really better than it is in Shanghai. And my favorite food in New York is all kinds of desserts, because when people feel depressed, sweet food could make them feel better. And I am also keen on French cusine, and hambargurs as there are lots of good french resturant in New York. What’s more, I am now more like to have brunch and afternoon tea than I was in Shanghai.

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