October 23

What Have We Been Up To In EAL?

2nd grade students read, “This Is How We Do It,” a story about a day in the life of 7 kids from around the world. After reading, they choose pages from the story that they wanted to recreate for their own books. Watch the videos to hear their stories about a day in the life of kids from Brazil, Peru, Spain & The Netherlands!

5th Graders show off their pen pal letters to their friends in upstate NY!

Oscar sends off his postcard to friends in West Virginia! 

Congratulations to Carola on her PYP award!

Congratulations to Suzie on her solo performance at Juilliard! 

Ms. Connor and Eloisa paint pumpkins during lunch to celebrate October.

Oscar learns vocabulary for school supplies and colors.   boomerang-1adtkbr