May 14

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10th Grade:
Student’s in 10th grade completed a project using conditional sentences. They interviewed a faculty member at Dwight and had to ask questions that started with “IF”. They learned how to conduct interviews, take notes, and create a magazine article.
EAL interview-1wex3dw – Helen
interview-14e1hbw – Cordilia

4th Grade:

In 4th grade, we have been exploring the world of poetry by reading and writing two-voice poems. A two-voice poem talks about the similarities and differences between two things, places, or people. Lisa and Joseph wrote their own two-voice about video games and they are excited to share!

3rd Grade:
After learning more about space and the solar system, Konrad wanted to create his own planet. He designed a brochure that gives more information on his planet, Polide, and to invite others to visit. Then, he presented his brochure using his iPad.

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