April 10

Spring Break 2018!

Dan, 6th Grade: In spring break, I didn’t travel, but it was a great break! I had my friend visit me from Miami and we went to delicious and beautiful places like black tap, and the statue of liberty! I also celebrated Passover with my friends and family.


Shirley, 7th Grade

This spring break, I had a staycation, so I went hang out with friends. This is a photo of me and Marion making chocolates.

Natalie, 8th Grade:

I stayed in New York for Spring break this year.  I did not do much throughout my break, I spent time with my family and caught up with sleep.  I also went to some restaurants next to my house, and went on a few walks next to the East River.

Anton, 5th Grade

Anton and his family went to Florida!

Helen, 10th Grade

This is oriental cherry. I took this photo in Central park. This picture reminds me the housing estate I lived in China. Every year the cherry blossoms will bloom in front of the community. I really like oriental cherry because I like the color of it.

Konrad, 3rd Grade

Konrad and his family went to Florida!

Ms. Kearns:

I visited Miami with my daughter, had some fun in the sun.

Vitor, 8th Grade

Jack, 9th Grade

During spring break, I took part in a community service. I was working at a food pantry that everyone can shop for free. I helped people shop and helped in the market. It was a great experience.

Maria, 8th Grade

Over spring break I went to Portugal. It was amazing to be back home and see all of my family and my old friends.

Gui, 6th Grade

We went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. There, we went to Chichen Itza and we saw the ancient ruins. The second picture is at our beachfront hotel. We went to the beach many times, and we visited the Xcaret and Xel Ha waterparks. We also went to Tulum, and we went snorkeling in Cozumel. Overall, my Spring Break was great.

Duda, 6th Grade

On Spring Break my family and I went to LA and San Francisco. My favorite part was when we went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. I went to College Tours with my sister because she is a Junior. It didn’t like the tours but the rest of the trip was amazing.  

This picture was taken in Universal Studios.

Sandy, 9th Grade

In the break, I didn’t go anywhere. I had math and physics online lesson during the week. In the weekend, I did horseback riding. Also, I had a delicious cake for my birthday, but no gifts.


Mark, 10th Grade

I stayed in New York. 

Antonio, 6th Grade

Cordilia, 10th Grade

During the break, i went back to China and went to several cities. I tried a lot of delicious food and had a lot of fun.

Elaine, 10th Grade

During the break, I went to visit the Guggenheim Museum located on the East side. I was
extremely impressed by those marvelous artworks, and they brought me to deep thoughts. My
favorite artwork was called “Woman Ironing” by Pablo Picasso. The use of cloudy and cold
colors and the existence of a dusty mouse reflected the abominable condition; in fact, it also
indicated the position of a woman back in time. I believe that there are more precious artworks
hidden in this valuable museum, I will undoubtedly revisit there again in the future.

Pedro, 6th Grade

Ms. Singer-Zhou

My family and I went to China to visit my husband’s family. We went to 4 cities and 2 villages and saw many, many relatives. We visited the family tombs to pay respect to my husband’s ancestors by burning (fake) paper money and lighting fireworks. We also had a family photoshoot. Oh, and we go to see Ms. Imboden, Ms. Medic, and Mr. Moran at Qibao Dwight!

Ms. Benfante

Sitting at the DMV was my highlight!

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