March 5

What have we been up to in EAL?

In 5th grade, students did a listening activity with Flocabulary and learned about a new rocket being built for space. They then wrote their own paragraphs describing their own rocket inventions.

Book reviews by 4th grade

After learning about ghost towns in 2nd grade, Arina wanted to learn more about the abandon towns of Namie, Japan and Centralia, Pennsylvania. She learned how to create a slideshow presentation to teach other about ghost towns. Ghost Towns by Arina-1a81quo4th grade students read learned about the winter Olympics. They read a news article about snowboarder, Chloe Kim. Students then watched a video of her final gold medal run, and acted as reporters of the event to write a descriptive paragraph.

Chloe Kim the Destroyer
By: May Zhang
Chloe Kim was a 17 year old California girl that competed in the snowboarding halfpipe Pyeong Chang, South Korea! Chloe Kim might be young, but her movements were amazing! She impressed the crowd and wowed everyone including the judges. She did two 1080s, and one 900 back to back  halfpipe. Chloe destroyed her competitors and won the gold medal! When Chloe finished her run and won a gold medal, her parents were crying joyful tears and laughing. They sure were proud of their Chloe. Chloe will be a big star in South Korea since her dad was born there.

Chloe Kim Destroys All the Competitors
By: Bernardo Carpenter

Chloe Kim is a 17 year old snowboarder that went to the Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics at South Korea. During her first run Chloe got a score of 94.75 which was the highest of all the competitors. On her third run she already knew that she had won, but then she wanted a even bigger score. Her last run was called a glory run. During this run Chloe did two 1080 and one 900 which made the judges gave her a 98.25.Chloe Kim had won the women’s Winter Olympics snowboarding and everyone was excitedly applauding.

4th graders have been reading historical fiction this month. They have read books about WWII, Japanese Internment, the Vietnam War, the Elfstedentocht and many more!

When the weather is nice, we go outside! All the 4th grade classes got together to celebrate the spring weather in Central Park. They wrote about the park using their 5 senses.

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