January 16

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Maya, 6th Grade:

During the winter break, I met Ayane on New Year’s Eve and had dinner with her and her family. We had crab, roast beef, gratin, and okonomayaki (Japanese pancake). 

We ate Ozoni (Japanese New Year Mochi Soup) on New Years. The crab I had it with vinegar and soy sauce mixed together. 

We also went to Bryant Park to go ice skating. However, unfortunately, we couldn’t’ because it was too cold outside. So instead, we decided to see the Christmas tree. The fountain there was frozen! 

Antonio, 6th Grade

My vacation was great, I went to Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

The best thing I saw was the fireworks in front of a beach with all of my friends.

The best thing I heard was the sound of waves.

The best thing I tasted was a pao de queijo. ( cheese ball )

The best thing I smelt was Eucalyptus in the steam room.

The best thing I felt so happy when I saw my friends and my family all together.

Bernardo T., 4th Grade

Maria, 8th Grade
Over winter break I went back home to Portugal. It was a very amusing trip. Over the trip we celebrated Christmas, and it was amazing to go back home and celebrate this holiday as a family all together. I also got to see all of my friends and spend a day at school with them to see how the school, is in Portugal as I have been away for 7 years.
Here are pictures of my break:

This is a picture from the first day where I got to go with my friends on a Ferris wheel, and this was the view from the top!

This is a picture of the sunset on the plane on my way back to New York City!

Jack, 9th Grade

I went to my dad’s friends home. It’s in Washington DC. It was cold there, I had lots of fun. I had a lot of Japanese food. Sushi looks really fresh, but it doesn’t taste good at all. I went to a few famous universities, including the one I want to go in the future. The school looks great. I had a really good time.

Helen, 10th Grade

The first photo is what I took in Yunnan. Yunnan is the first part of the trip with Dwight school. This is a bonfire in one of the school we went. This is the first time that I saw a bonfire. I think it‘s really fun to have a dance with those students who are studying in that class.
The second picture is what my hometown look like. The hills at the back is one of the most famous scene that visitors should go.

Lynn, 8th Grade

In my winter vacation, I visited two places. The first was Holland, where I am from, and the second was Switzerland. I had to give up one day of school, because me and my family were leaving early to Holland. The flight was good, and when we arrived, the first thing we did was visit my grandma. She told us stories about our family, and about what we had missed out on. After, we went back to our house in Holland and stayed there for a week visiting family and friends. After the week was over, we went to Switzerland, Zermatt where we would go skiing. When we arrived at the airport in Zurich, we first had to take a couple of trains before we arrived at Zermatt, since the place is very pretty isolated. We had a lot of fun skiing and the weather was very beautiful. I can still remember the clean white slopes and the smell of the fresh mountain air. After a week of skiing, we sadly had to go back to New York.

Dan, 6th Grade:

On my vacation, I went to Jerusalem. I got to stay at the King David hotel and we got a 2-floor suite. We had a view that looks straight at the western wall and you could see every part of it. I also got to stay at my aunt’s in Tel Aviv Yafo, and she has a massive house. When we were in Jerusalem, the food was my favorite part. I got to eat mozzarella creamed pasta, falafel, and shawarma! I also got some chicken tenders, but that wasn’t as good as all the other things. I also got 2 teeth taken out, which wasn’t fun, but I got to see my cousin and we had a good time. I also got to see my siblings, went to my brother’s army base, saw a bunch of missiles and launchers, and got to be on the 787 Dreamliner on the way back! Overall, my trip to Israel had some downfalls, but it was a very fun trip. 😄😄😄

Bernardo C., 4th Grade

Natalie, 8th Grade

During my break, my family and I did not do any particular activity, but I was able to sleep twelve hours every day, which was great.  I also went to places in New York city that I have not been to, but I didn’t take any photos.

May, 4th Grade

Cordilia, 10th Grade

I went to a concert in Changsha for the Rap of China, which is a very popular show in China in 2017 summer. I met my favorite star in the show. the pictures of hot pot is a restaurant in Shanghai, it is the best hot pot I have ever eat in China. Furthermore, I went to another 7 restaurants in Shanghai and Macau.

Gui, 6th Grade

During our Winter Break, my family and I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Brazil, we did many fun things. An example is that we went to the beach multiple times. The second picture is a picture of the neighborhood we used to live in. It was very close to the “Lagoa”, the Lagoon. Another very exciting thing we did was spend Christmas with our family. The top picture shows some pictures we took. Overall, we had a wonderful Winter Break.

Duda, 6th Grade

Elaine, 10th Grade

Ms. Connor

I had a wonderful winter break this year.  I spent the first half of the break at my home on Long Island with family and friends.  We welcomed my nephew Michael to our family, and had a great Christmas with the new baby! I spent the second half of the break in Tulum, Mexico.  It was absolutely beautiful! I had a great time exploring the Mayan ruins, Cenotes (underwater caves), and all of the gorgeous white sand beaches there.  My only regret is that the Winter break had to come to an end!

Eloi, 9th Grade

For this year’s winter break, I went with my whole family to Hawaii. It  was a special occasion because we were also celebrating my dad’s fiftieth birthday. We flew there the night of the 22nd and the 23rd. We met my sister and my brother over there because they live in France. In Hawaii, we went on Big Island, Kauai and Oahu. We did a lot of walking in the mountains, through the rainforests. We also walked on the top of a mountain at six thousands meters of altitude. We hiked two hours to experience real burning hot lava. We went to beautiful beaches, and I got to surf with both of my brothers. My family and I stayed there two weeks (except for my sister, she left after eight days because she had to go back to France for an internship). But it really felt good to finally come back to a freezing New York sunday morning.

Mei, 9th Grade

My winter break was so fun! I went to my grandma’ home and visited her, and I played with my cousins and my brother, I enjoyed it so much! And I saw my cousin’s dog, he was so cute!! And I ate lots of nice food !!! There was so cold but we still celebrated a happy and wonderful new year!!!!

Isabella, 6th Grade

Ms. Singer-Zhou

My family and I spent two weeks in Florida celebrating my Mom and Dad’s 40th anniversary and my Grandma’s 90th birthday. We went boating, held baby alligators, went swimming, saw family we hadn’t seen in years, and got to celebrate New Year’s Eve OUTSIDE! We had great weather and didn’t want to come back to the cold! We drove to Florida so we also got to stop in different states to experience and see new things.

 My 90 year old Grandma holding a baby alligator! 

Shirley, 7th Grade

This winter break I went to Universal Studio and Disney World in Orlando with my mom, grandma, and my friend Nicole. There are many fun rides and we went on the roller coaster.

Ms. Benfante

Over winter break my mom came to visit me in the city and we went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. I spent New Year’s Eve with some friends at Hunter Mountain in upstate New York. My friend, Melissa, got engaged while we were there! I also got to celebrate my dog Matty’s 6th birthday in Pennsylvania.


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