December 11

3rd, 5th and 11th Grade Highlights

In 3rd grade we have been practicing informational writing. Konrad researched about how to become an inventor. After learning more about this career, he created an informational poster about the steps inventors have to take when they have a new idea. Take a look at his finished product!


During our leadership unit, 5th grade students chose a leader from Dwight that they wanted to learn more about. They wrote interview questions, learned how to write professional emails and conducted formal interviews. Finally, they created newsletters all about what they learned from their Dwight leaders. Find out more about Mr. Beddows and Mr. Spahn from their newsletters!

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In 11th grade, students completed their grammar unit on conditional sentences with an interviewing project. Students chose a teacher at Dwight to interview asking them questions that started with “If…”. After the interview, students created a magazine article in order to share the answers with the Dwight community. This project helped students practice their speaking, listening, note taking, and writing.

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