November 27

Thanksgiving Break!

Maya, 6th: We went to my mom’s friends house. There were 9 kids. We had Thanksgiving get together, but we didn’t eat any turkey or Thanksgiving food and instead, we had Japanese food. After dinner, we had s’mores. Yum!

Ms. Kearns: Reflects skyline downtown
My daughter, Victoria, Thanksgiving.


CJ, 6th: The Dutch families got together for their own Thanksgiving meal, played and they saw a movie Monopoly.

Bernardo T., 4th: In Thanksgiving I went to San Francisco. My favorite parts were that I went to Alcatraz, and I went in the prison of Alcatraz. It was very scary ?. My other favorite part was when I went on the ice to skate on the San Francisco Union Square. My other favorite part was when I went to the ?. My family and I taken a lot of pictures on San Francisco, because it’s very beautiful. I loved San Francisco.

Kevin, 5th: This week in Thanksgiving I went to Boston, Rhode Island and Newport. My mom and I first left Manhattan to Queens to pick up my mom’s friend and we have a breakfast. After that we left New York, it was a six hour drive to Boston. When we arrive Boston it was already night. The Second day, the first thing that I do is saying “happy thanksgiving” to everybody. We left our hotel to some famous university in Boston, we also went to Boston Common ( it is the biggest park in Boston), I think the difference between Central Park and Boston Common is that Boston Common has a lot of squirrel, The most fun thing about when we are walking through the Boston Common or it is the most fun thing in this trip is that a squirrel actually climb on my leg.  I was very sad that we have to left Boston to Rhode Island( state).  When we went to Rhode Island it was already night, we went to a restaurant to eat turkey and other stuff. The Next day which is the finally day of our trip. We went to Newport for a museum. Then it was time to left and go home.

Bernardo C., 4th: This is what I did in Thanksgiving. I went to Pennsylvania to spend 2 days there. It was really cool there and we went there with our friends,Lucas,Victor,Antonio,and Gabi. We went in a giant art museum and saw every single station of the museum. We went to the actual place where the United States was basically born.

Suzie, 4th:  During the Thanks Giving, I read all the books that I borrow from your bookshelf. And I read out side book— Chinese book too. I use my father’s iPad to learn English, and almost every time I’m always stay in Juilliard to practice. And some afternoon, my father take me to the Central Park, that is sooooooo beautiful! We took pictures. And we just get it as a walk, a break. I think that’s all, thank you!

Gabi, 4th: I make two sheet my two sheets is about the book smile and the boy who changed the world. 

Ms. Singer-Zhou: We went to my parent’s house in Sharon Springs, NY. We saw lots of family and friends and had a great time. We went swimming, played games, went four wheeling, and saw a holiday parade.

Ms. Benfante: For the Thanksgiving holiday I traveled back to Dunmore, PA to see my family and friends. My mom and I cooked a gluten and dairy free feast!

Joshua, 4th: I had my friends come over to my house to eat together as our thanksgiving dinner. We ate some clam chowder, macaroni & cheese, and some steak.
The rest of the time me and my friends played video games and also had a nerf war! I am thankful for having this thanksgiving dinner, having a home, and video . games, that’s a privilege for me.

Bernardo C. 4th: 


Lisa, 4th: On thanksgiving day, we went to my mom’s friend who lives in Greenwich Connecticut. It was really boring at first because they don’t have board games or the kids were grounded from watching TV. So we started a plastic egg throwing game which is like a dodgeball. Eventually, everyone went to the dining room for dinner. We had some soup and takoyaki, which is a Japanese food. After about some time, people were really having fun eating s’mores and roasting marshmallows. After that, we all kind of lost our minds because of eating all that marshmallows and sweets and we turned on the tv and started watching a movie about a spaceship. Maya and my friends that are called Mina and Lina was watching slime videos on instagram and I wasn’t into that sort of thing so I watched the movie. Right around the best part, one of the boys turned the channel into football. I was kind of mad so I went to the adults place. They were eating cake and talking about all sort of stuff. I stayed there for about an hour and the boys and rest of the girls came and they were jealous of the cake because they weren’t enough for all the kids to have a piece. People started leaving around 9 and We left at 10. I was exhausted that I didn’t even know if I’m sleeping or not in the taxi.

Cordilia, 10th:

all I did in this thanksgiving is to spend time with my friendssss.

Reuben, 11th: During this vacation, I kind of stayed at home and switch to my laziness mode. I want to say not really fancy and productive, however, I cooked some dishes during thanks giving, which is sort of meaningful to me, as an appreciation to my parent that raised me. (I made something really similar)

Helen, 10th: I went to Queens village during my Thanksgiving holiday. This photo was taken when I was climbing the mountain. I really like this scenary because the leaves became red. This tree can represent the autumn is coming. All in all,I think this is my favorate picture to show what I did in Thanksgiving.

Ms. Connor: I spent my Thanksgiving break at home on Long Island.  I am thankful
for the sunny days we had because I was able to go ride my bike and
run on the boardwalk.  I am most thankful for my family (our dog Willy
included!); all of my nieces and nephews bring so much laughter and
happiness into our homes.  And of course, I am thankful for ALL of the
good food I ate over the break!

Eunice, 12th:

During my Thanksgiving break, I stayed in New York with my family, and we had a great meal together to celebrate the holiday. I also hung out with a few friends who visited New York, and we had a wonderful time together. We went to watch a movie called Murder on the Orient Express.

I am thankful for my sweet family, friends and having a good health. My family always support me to do the things I am interested in. Also, my friends are always willing to listen to my problems and give me some advice to encourage me to overcome plights. I am very thankful for that I grew up strong and healthy.

Chelsea, 12th:

My thanksgiving break was pretty dull. Even though it was supposed to be a break, but I didn’t get a chance to relax and refresh my mind. Instead, I worked really hard on my college application. Meanwhile, I took one day off to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Michelangelo’s Exhibition. I always consider visiting the museum as a rewarding experience. Museums provide an effective way of learning, and I often get inspired afterward.

Three things I’m thankful: I’m thankful to have an excellent opportunity to get an education. I’m thankful to have all the support from my friends and my family. Last but not least, I’m extremely thankful to live in a country that allows freedom and gives me a chance to fully express myself.

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