November 6

What have our students been up to?


In 1st grade, students read the book “Five Little Monsters,” learned vocabulary from the story, and created their own monster puppets. After, students practiced singing the song “Five Little Monsters” and then performed it all together.

View the video here!


In Grade 4, students participated in a Reader’s Theater called Mister Monster to celebrate Halloween. After many rehearsals and costume discussions, the 4th graders performed Mister Monster in front of the entire Timothy House at Community Meeting. We are so proud of them for being risk-takers and performing in front of everyone! They did an amazing job! Congratulations, 4th graders!

Watch the play here and here!


In Grade 5, we began our unit on leadership.  Students chose a leader from their real life to write about.  They also chose a leader from history to “interview” and write about.

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