June 6

Fashion, Non-verbal Communication, China, and A Typical Day

Ms. Singer-Zhou’s 9th-grade class completed a four-part final project for their EAL class. The project included an impromptu speech, an outline of CNN Student News, a summary and glossary based on an article, and an iMovie on non-verbal communication. Cordilia and Helen worked very hard on all parts of the project. They created wonderful iMovies about non-verbal communication in China. Enjoy!





Sixth grader, Maria Paula, held a fashion show of her latest collection on Friday, June 2nd. She showcased her designs, modeled by her classmates. Short sets, skirts, and outfits with a tropical flare were shown as was her signature reversible jacket. All in all, the clothes were a hit! Congratulations, Maria Paula!

Ms. Benfante’s 6th-grade students created videos on a topic of their choice. First, they wrote scripts for the video which included the 4 types of sentences: simple, compound, complex and compound/complex. They added pictures/video and practiced their speaking by narrating the video. Enjoy!