May 30

High school field trip and Congratulations to our photo contest winners!

Our high school students took their final field trip of the year to Mission Escape Rooms. We completed two different games racing against the clock to solve the puzzles. One group solved their puzzle with 3 minutes left on the timer! Everyone had a great time working as a team practicing their English, leadership skills and critical thinking.







Congratulations to our trimester 3 photo contest winners! 

Timothy House Winner: Daniyal Pashaev

New York Library Visit-ziovcn

Timothy House Runner-Up: May Zhang

Bentley House Winner: Maria Paula Guerrero

Bentley House Runner-Up: Joshua Cheung

High School Winner: Sylvia Wu


High School Runner-up: Jocleyn Wang

Other Entries:





photo contest – Cordilia-r4kjaj

photocontest (1)-1qq02wf

PhotoContest (2)-14u3bu1

PhotoContest (3)-1x0assg

The Black Horse carriage -(eal)- Helen-1hve7oe


May 22

Timothy House Visits The Children’s Museum of Arts

On Thursday, May 19th, 1st – 5th graders visited the Children’s Museum of Arts for a fun day exploring the exhibit Weather or Not, That is the Question. Students learned about the weather and its impact on our environment. The exhibit featured works from artists Kim Abeles, Matthew Albanese, Suzanne Anker, Blane De St. Croix, Sandy Gellis, Nathalie Miebach, Nnenna Okore, and Virginia Wagner. After a tour of the museum and discussions with our exhibit leader, students had a chance to make their own trees using many different types of materials. After a great trip and lunch, we spent some time in Central Park enjoying the nice weather.

May 16

My Hometown

After reading “My Chinatown” and learning more about the author and illustrator of the book, Kam Mak, 4th and 5th graders were inspired to write poems about their hometowns around the world. Students used the app “30 Hands” to add illustrations to their poems and record themselves reading aloud. Check them out!

May 8

Middle School Students Visit the Central Park Zoo

The Bentley House students in the EAL Program went to the Central Park Zoo to participate in a  day of learning and service.
Pupils were given a tour of the zoo, were introduced to a special snake, and later were taught how to interact with visitors. They then spent time working with visitors providing information, and taking part in games with visitors of all ages.
Students were delighted by the show of the sea lions, Charlie and April, who both performed at feeding time. Popular favorites were the snow leopard and the penguins. It was a wonderful day of community building in New York City.