April 24

Happy World Language Day!

We wanted to celebrate World Language Day by sharing our favorite songs with you! Enjoy! 





I love this song because the melody is simple but catchy, and accompanied perfectly by the guitar as background music. The singer’s voice is a little hoarse and very attractive, while the lyrics are positive and poetic. You can feel both calmness and passion from the song, and I guess it’s one of the best songs to listen when you are alone in the midnight.






This song is called 海闊天空 by BEYOND and it was one of the most famous songs in Hong Kong. This song was dedicated to one of the main members that died in an accident. It is also my favorite song.



Castle and the Dragon
しろ と ドラゴン
Anouk: I choose this because I think kids can be really talented, and do great music. This is a french song made by kids.
Maria Paula:
I really like this song because of the tempo of it and the lyrics. There is not a really interesting story behind it is just that I use ti listen to it a lot with my cousins so it reminds me of my family.
I like “Yeche” is because rhythm of the song, it’s very nice. There’s also a sad story behind this song.
Gui: This is the link for the song in my native language (Portuguese)
My favorite singer: 鹿晗(Luhan)
My favorite song: 如果(What if I said)<Luhan’s song>






April 17

For The Love Of Reading

With our new and improved EAL library, students have been reading books about cultures from all over the world!

Here are some highlights.

Julia’s Presentation 31617-sai0ti

Kevin’s Presentation 31617-xio03y

Lucas presentation-12w6aez

Pedro’s Presentation-21xlxos

Daniyal’s presentation-29niqsy

What else are we reading?

6th grade is reading Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid
9th grade is reading Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
10th grade is reading Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

11th grade is reading Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok.

In grade 6, we are going to begin The Lotus Seed by Sherry Garland.
For more great book reviews, check out the EAL bulletin board in room 406. 


April 10

Spring Break!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” – Robin Williams

Check out what we did for Spring Break!


This is my mom, sister and I on a jet ski for the first time. It was such a fun experience!

This is the pool at the first hotel we stayed at. It was so much fun and I thought the view was really beautiful!

This is a picture of my sister and I on a boardwalk in Teasure Island in Florida. There were so many water activities to do behind us like parasailing and jet skiing!

This Spring Break I went to the Shanghai Trip with the school it was a total of 19 students. On the 4th day of the trip, we went to Hangzhou and that’s when I took this picture. It was very interesting to me how ancient China had sculptures that are carved on walls. We also had the chance to visit an ancient Chinese temple that day to see the sculptures of Budda.


“This year, I did something I had only done twice before: skiing. I packed my bags with my family, we all went to the airport, and after two planes finally arrived at Snowmass, Colorado, where we stayed for a week. The weather was surprisingly warm, and the snow, very icy in the morning, became very soft in the afternoon (which was wonderful, since every time I fell it was on a mattress of soft, colorless crystals). And as to skiing, I never learned so much about something in so little time, and just to contribute to the perfect experience, our very close family friends, who also go to Dwight, were there too.”








I went to Cancun in Mexico with my family this Spring Break. We visited Chi Cheng Itza, one of the seven wonder of the world.

Ms. Kearns spent a week in Puerto Rico and Sto Domingo and week two in bed. She thought she had the flu!

Eunice: I went to Philadelphia with my mother to visit my sister. We cooked a Chinese style meal with my sister and her friends. We also visited some historical museums, which is very exciting. We have a wonderful time together and I enjoyed the quiet and historical surrounding.


I stayed in New York over the spring break.  I did study a lot for my coming up SAT and I worked/revised for some of my Internal Assignment.


During spring break, I traveled to Philadelphia and Washington D.C with my mom. Although we have been moved to the US for three years, we seldom have chance to travel to other states besides New York. This year, since all my college applications were done, we wanted to relax and take a trip to some cities and states around New York. The trip only lasted for two days, but we really spent time in these cities very pleasantly and knew more about the US culture. For me, the most impressive part in the trip was we got to see the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. I have heard that the cherry blossoms only bloom for a short period every year, so it was very lucky of us that when we arrived, both riversides of the Potomac River were in beautiful pink. I was so amazed by the numerous numbers of cherry blossom trees, and filled my phone with photos of them (and my bunnies ?).


I just stayed in New York during spring break, and I enjoyed shopping, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends.

Ms. Connor:

I had an amazing Spring Break! I was lucky enough to visit a few friends in Europe.  My first stop was Madrid, where I got to spend three days with my friend who lives there; I saw all of the beautiful architecture and history of Madrid.  I then flew to Luxembourg to visit with more friends.  After a day and a half there, we took the train to Paris together.  Paris was stunning!! I was truly amazed at the wide streets, the museums, street performers, delicious food, and incredible history that the city has to offer.  Lastly, I went to a little town in Germany called Trier; it had ancient Roman architecture and beautiful cathedrals.  I loved every minute of my trip, and cannot wait to return to Europe to continue exploring all of the great cities there!

Ms. Singer-Zhou:
I spent time with my family in Newport (Jersey City) the first week and went to upstate NY the second week to my parent’s house. My son took dance class at his Grandma’s dance studio! We also went to Edison, NJ for some 好吃 Chinese food and celebrated my Uncle’s 70th birthday!


April 3

March Madness

Congratulations to the 10th graders on completing their Personal Projects!



On Thursday, March 16th, we celebrated our monthly EAL activity with a “Test Your Luck” party. We played games and ate green food for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Congratulations to the Timothy House superstars on an amazing talent show!

In grade 11, we have been practicing descriptive writing.  Students chose a location in New York City, visited it, and wrote a detailed paragraph about the location.  They created these creative short videos to present their writing.


On Friday, March 17th, Asian Culture Club took a field trip to Gotham Market to eat some

おいしい Japanese food!