March 7

Carnegie Hall

Many of the EAL students performed at Carnegie Hall on February 25th. They did an excellent job and we are so proud of them. Ayane Nakashima, 10th grade, shared her thoughts on the experience.

My Carnegie Hall Concert Experience

By:Ayane Nakashima

On February 25th, I performed at Carnegie Hall Concert with students from Dwight New York, London, and Shanghai. I played the piano and harpsichord, and performed three pieces. It was so exciting and an honor to perform at one of the most famous concert halls in the world.

Before the show, I was super nervous because I had the solo, and I was in the very first piece. As you can imagine, it is kind of frightening to perform in front of many people. Even though I used to perform music or dance when I was in Japan, my heart was beating so fast. When the concert started, and I came on the stage, I was actually excited and didn’t feel nervous at all. So I was able to relax and enjoy performing. I made few mistakes, but I did everything well. I felt the concert went so quickly, but it was such an amazing concert. Now, I am already missing my pieces, everyone, every moment through the Carnegie Concert. It was impressive to collaborate with students from different countries. It makes me love music more, and reminds me that music can bring people together.  

Congratulations, performers!

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