March 13

What have our students been up to lately?

7th Grade
Our last unit was on Edgar Allan Poe’s work. We read a number of short stories including Tell Tale Heart. We focused on tone. Poe’s stories are shocking, thrilling, and gruesome.  The vocabulary is also fun! We saw a great video too.

Check out Vitor’s video here.

Descriptive Writing Practice: Chinatown 1986
In 11th grade EAL, we are reading the YA fiction book, “Girl in Translation,” by Jean Kwok.  The story is about a Chinese teenage  girl, who immigrated to Brooklyn and faces the many challenges of poverty, immigration, and being a teenager.  Jean Kwok, who was a Chinese immigrant herself, uses beautiful descriptive language throughout the book to give insight to the colorful world of New York City.  We have been analyzing her writing and practicing descriptive writing. Students watched a video clip of Chinatown in 1986, and wrote descriptive paragraphs based on the video.  

Chinatown 1986

By: Chelsea Ye

As I walked through Chinatown in 1986, I felt quite interesting. There were tons of neat little shops on the sidewalks. Some small shops supply all kinds of electrical appliances. While others provide fresh organic produce vegetables. I went to a grocery store with all the fish and other seafood laying out for sale. There’s a fishy smell in the grocery store and the stagnant water made me sick. However, the little stand which sales the grilled chicken made me hungry. Char siu(barbecued pork in Cantonese cuisine) are hang in front the display window. I consider myself as a gluttonous person, talking about my favorite part in Chinatown I have to mention the well-known bakery. Inside the small shop it serves wide variety of pastries: from the delicious tarts, to the small and delicate buns with fillings like red bean, roast pork, salted egg yolk, and beyond.  My favorite dish is the golden taro fries, they are crisp and golden just like the autumn leaves and it tastes absolutely delicious, more importantly the aftertaste lingers on.


By: Eunice Ma

When you walk across the street, you will hear those bawling hawker that are arguing to those astute customers who try to bargain over the price like a group of sparrows who are twittering to scramble for the slim food. The street is very congested with people, goods and cars that load and unload goods.

Once you make a brief stop at a open-area food market, you can see a variety of kinds of fresh vegetable, meat and fish.  There are also many clean and tasty restaurant, which sells Chinese traditional local delicacies, such as cantonese roasted duck and Shanghai little juicy bun.

9th Grade

Students have been exploring Edgar Allan Poe’s work. They read the “Tell Tale Heart” and were then assigned their own graphic interpretation of the story.

Check out Martin’s project here.

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3rd Grade

Congratulations to 3rd graders on their Exploration Expo last week! Can you guess what famous explores our EAL students dressed up as?
March 7

Carnegie Hall

Many of the EAL students performed at Carnegie Hall on February 25th. They did an excellent job and we are so proud of them. Ayane Nakashima, 10th grade, shared her thoughts on the experience.

My Carnegie Hall Concert Experience

By:Ayane Nakashima

On February 25th, I performed at Carnegie Hall Concert with students from Dwight New York, London, and Shanghai. I played the piano and harpsichord, and performed three pieces. It was so exciting and an honor to perform at one of the most famous concert halls in the world.

Before the show, I was super nervous because I had the solo, and I was in the very first piece. As you can imagine, it is kind of frightening to perform in front of many people. Even though I used to perform music or dance when I was in Japan, my heart was beating so fast. When the concert started, and I came on the stage, I was actually excited and didn’t feel nervous at all. So I was able to relax and enjoy performing. I made few mistakes, but I did everything well. I felt the concert went so quickly, but it was such an amazing concert. Now, I am already missing my pieces, everyone, every moment through the Carnegie Concert. It was impressive to collaborate with students from different countries. It makes me love music more, and reminds me that music can bring people together.  

Congratulations, performers!

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