January 30

Letters and Lunch

Our 5th graders wrote letters to President Obama to finish up their unit on leadership. They learned how to write business letters and asked very important questions in some of the last letters President Obama will ever receive as the leader of the United States. We hope they made it in time!

On Friday, January 27th, we had our annual Lunar New Year lunch! We ate fried rice and dumplings and watched the Chinese New Year Gala. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!


January 24

And the Winner is….

Congratulations to the winners of our 2nd EAL photo contest! We got a lot of great submissions based on the theme culture. Check them out here and don’t forget to congratulate our winners!

Timothy House Winner: Dan

Timothy House Runner-Up: Lisa

Bentley House Winner: Shirley

Bentley House Runner-Up: Bernardo

High School Winner: Chelsea

High School Runner-Up: Nina

January 9

Happy Holidays From EAL!

This year, we threw an EAL Holiday Party. We played games, listened to music, made snowflakes, and ate so much we thought we were going to burst! It was a great way to end school before the break.

img_1971 img_1973 img_1974 img_1975 img_1976


What did you do over your holiday break?

Mark: I went to radio city to see the Rockettes show. I was surprised how all the actors has the exactly the same height.


Adriana: In my vacation I went to Brazil to see my cousins. We played laughed all the time like we were the greatest thing on earth. We played games with them in the pool or we entered houses to explore. and we had New year eve together and Christmas. It was the best vacation ever??


Natalie: During the winter vacation, my family and I went on a road trip.  We went to Mount Snow in Vermont to ski.  It was a very fun trip and our skill for skiing improved throughout the break.  Fro the rest of the break, we just stayed in  New York.



For my break I went to Chile.
In Chile we had a lot of fun. One of my favorite place we visited was Valparaiso, Valparaiso is a city on a hill. All the houses there are different colors. Then we want to Matanzas with was on the beach, we had a house that had a view of the sea. We spent Christmas there. After we went to Santiago and met up with a old friends. After 2 days at Santiago we went back to the cold winter of New York.
img_0632 img_0642 img_0702

Eloi: During winter break, I stayed a little bit in New York with my siblings that came back from Paris and my parents. We would go out and visit the city and we also celebrated Christmas there. The day after we celebrated Christmas, we flew to San José, Costa Rica. We slept one night in San José. The day after we took a little plane to go the south pacific coast in the

Bahía Drake. We stayed there 4 days, it was really hot and we were in a really wild part of Costa Rica. There we went kayaking, snorkeling, we saw a lot of beautiful birds and a lot of different animals. After these 4 days, we flew back to San José. There we rented a car and directly went to the third destination,

Puerto Viejo, on the Carribean side of Costa Rica. There we stayed 4 days too. We mostly went to the beach and surfed. We came back to NY on New Years Eve.

img_7465 img_7522 img_7474 img_7418


This winter break I went to Jay Peak (Vermont) for ski, this is my first time to ski. I fell ski is really fun, and I want go for ski next winter break too!


I went back China and spent the winter vacation with my family since I missed them so much. During the vacation, I visited my relatives and hung out with my friend to celebrate the holiday. I also studied hard to finish my homework. I had a wonderful time with my family.
BernardoAs soon as we were dismissed from school the 16th of December, 2016, I got instantly excited for the visit my grandparents would make to New York City, arriving on the 21st. I spent the days going to friends’ houses, preparing the house with my family for their visit, and honestly, counting the days until my grandparent finally arrived. It was a wonderful experience, since it was my grandfather’s first time in New York ever since my dad, mom, brother, sister, and myself moved here, about a year and a half ago. Even though it was my grandmother’s third visit, we all enjoyed it as much as always, and of course, took them to all of the places tourists love to go. Overall, and most importantly, we got to spend Christmas together, as we always have in the past, showing how not even the physical distance can keep a family apart.”
img_4073 img_4074
JoshDuring the Winter Break, I stayed in New York and watched a lot of shows. One of the shows I watched is called the Gazillion Bubble Show. It was a show that a bubble artist did a lot of cool tricks with bubbles. My favourite trick was when he blew a bubble inside another bubble because it was really amazing and I have never seen it before.


This picture is about the fireworks. The topic of this fireworks show is “Happy New Year”.
Cordilia: I went to Disneyland in Shanghai on Christmas Eve.
Mia: This is my holiday Fencing winter camp pictures
img_1388 img_1389
Jocelyn: I went to my old high school to see my friends and we went out to eat hotpot. We ordered a hotpot has three flavor combine together. We had a good time XD.


During winter break I stayed in New York, and had a pretty relaxed winter break. Right after school ended my sister came and stayed for a whole month and I hadn’t seen her since summer break. During those months she had really grown up, starting college and all. My sister, mom and I went to see the rockettes for the first time and it was super fun. I don’t really like ballet, but they were amazing. We celebrated on Christmas Eve and ate traditional Norwegian food and had a wonderful time. My family and I was supposed to ice-skate, but when we came there it was a two hour line so we went home.
Chelsea: I went back to Beijing in December, celebrated my 17th birthday with my grandma and hung out with my old friends as well, which was kind of my highlight for the vacation. The time I spent in Beijing was pretty effective and worthwhile, except that I was still choked by smog and suffered from serious air pollution back in China, which was pretty unpleasant and frightening. Glad I came back from Beijing several days ago and look forward to having another great year spent in NYC.
Maria Paulafullsizerender
Mike: In subway in Russia there were some really cool trains. They had stars on the ceiling. Also little christmas trees. It had cool decorations. there were only few trains which looked like that.


Anouk: For winter break I went to Chile. I was awesome, we had so much fun. For the new year I saw the fireworks.

Gui: In my Winter Break, my grandparents came from Brazil. I went to the Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, the Freedom Tower, the MET, the Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, and some others. it was a lot of fun.


Isabella: I went to sky top with my family and some friends from Norway. I also went to Vermont with Zara.


Ms. Benfante: I traveled to Denver, CO to visit my brother for Christmas. I loved seeing my pet-newphews, Matty and Miles!

img_4786  img_4813 img_4799

Ms. Singer-Zhou: Over the break, I spent time with my family. We went to my parent’s house in Sharon Springs, NY, celebrated my Grandma’s 89th birthday and spent New Years in Jersey City. Liam also had a photo shoot with his best friend!

img_8889 img_8941 img_9032 img_9035

Ms. Connor: This winter break, I stayed in New York and spent time relaxing with my family and friends.  My family has a big celebration Christmas Eve with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and our growing families! There were a few really nice winter days where I was able to go down to the beach for a run!!

chrsitmas-2016-041-copy img_2795 img_2858 img_2885


Ms. Kearns: I spent my break with friends, family, and my grandson, in warm sunny San Juan!

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