December 12

What have we been up to in EAL?

Grade 11 students gave presentations on resilient women from history.  Leading up to the project, we explored the idea of resiliency through various non-fiction texts, current events, poetry, and videos on resilient women.  Each student chose a resilient woman (past or present) to present on.  Presentation skills were a major focus leading up to this project as well.



Grade 12 students completed a unit on immigration. After reading a short story about a family who moved to the USA from Vietnam, students chose a teacher at Dwight to interview who has or is currently living abroad. They then turned their interviews into magazine articles.



5th graders practiced irregular verbs with the Irregular Verbs Rap! Check out their amazing rap skills!

img_0082 Warming up!

Rap #1

Rap #2


December 5

Our first field trip of the year!

On Friday, December 2nd, we took a field trip to The New York Historical Society. We participated in “Objects Tell Stories”. We got to view artifacts from the past and learned how to analyze an artifact to guess what it was used for. We also saw a film on the brief history of NYC. We ended the trip with lunch at Shake Shack! A fun day was had by all!

What did the students think?

What did you learn? 

“I learn how to identify old artifact, and a lot of history about New York.”

“I learned that by observing an object, we can succeed determine its function.”

“I learned a lot of history about New York and objects could tell stories.”

“I learned that Dutch actually explore this land.”

What was the best part of the trip?

“The best part of my trip is the movie of New York story. The move is gorgeous and fantastic, it make me feel proud that I am a New Yorker.”

“The best part was to guess the function of the meal stone.”

“The lunch time!”

“Visiting the whole museum with friends and a teacher.”

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