October 24

What have our EAL students been up to?

In 6th grade, Shirley has been learning about figurative language. Here are some idioms about food that she has learned more about.


In 1st Grade, Arina has been learning about the four seasons and how to describe the weather. She created a Pic Collage on her favorite season, winter! She was also awarded the “Star Student Award” for 1B! Congratulations, Arina!

img_0023 img_4658

In 5th grade, students finished up their unit on identity with a poster presentation. After interviewing their family members about their names, students took the answers and created a poster. They then presented to the class as they were being videotaped. Next, they will watch their videos and reflect on their performance.

img_1699 img_1700 img_1703 img_1701 img_1702

MOVIE: img_1693


 Students in Asian Club went on their first food field trip to a Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side. It was delicious! 

img_1663 img_1664

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