May 24

A Day at the Museum

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On Wednesday, May 18th 2016, the Dwight EAL students, grades 6-11, went on a field trip to experience the incredible art and culture located within the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This field trip allowed students to learn about the works of art in the museum, many of which had been studied through class activities and assignments on the website. Students went on a “scavenger hunt” to try to find as many of the pieces of art discussed during these class activities. Since our international students are often not in many of the same classes, it was also a special afternoon where we were able to bring together our EAL student community. Students worked, laughed, and explored together — while sharing their thoughts and opinions, all in English.

         Afterwards, students spent some time together walking through Central Park before returning to school.


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May 2

6th Grade Poetry Share

Sixth graders in Ms. Kearns’ EAL class recited poems in their native languages to Ms. Sharik and Mr. Presti’s 4th grade class, then explained them in English.

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Solal Paillard
French version:
Je suis allé au marché aux oiseaux 
Et j’ai acheté des oiseaux 
Pour toi
Mon amour
English Version:
I went in the bird store 
And I bought birds
For you 
My love
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Bernardo Sequeira
“Menus Oito Anos”


 Como são belos os dias
Do despontar da existência !
–Respira a alma inocência
Como perfumes a flor;
O mar é – lago sereno,
O céu – um manto azulado,
O mundo – um sonho dourado,
A vida – um hino d’amor !
— Casimiro de Abreu

How beautiful are the days
From the dawn of existence!
–The soul breathes innocence
Like the flowers breath perfume;
The sea is – serene lake,
The sky – a blue mantel,
The world – a golden dream,
Life – a hymn to love!

Mathea Lyngroth 
“Det er den draumen

Det er den draumen me ber på
at noko vidunderlig skal skje,
at det må skje,
at tida skal opna seg,
at hjarta skal opne seg,
at dører skal opne seg

– Olav H. Hauge

“It’s the dream”

It’s the dream we carry in secret
that something miraculous will happen,
that it must happen,
that time will open,
that the heart will open,
that doors will open

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Emma Fodstad

Å få et florlett spindelvev
Som kjærtegn over munn og kinn
Og tenke litt på vær og vind.
Kan hende vente på et brev.
Be prestekravene om råd,
Og kanskje ja – og kanskje nei –
Han elsker – elsker ikke meg.

Men ennå ikke kjenne deg.
To have a pure spiderweb
As a careness over your mouth and chin
To think about the weather and wind
Maybe waiting for a letter
Asking a daisy for advice
And maybe yes – and maybe no –
He loves – loves me not

But yet, I don’t know

Emilia Thorbjornsen

Jeg vil aldri glemme deg,
Jeg vil aldri slippe taket,
Og jeg vil ta deg med til graven,
For jeg elsket deg.
Hvorfor ville du aldri bli min?
I will never forget you,
I will never let go,
And I will take you to the grave,
Because I loved you.
Why would you never be mine?