April 25

EAL VIP: Olya Barskaya

With her participation in the 11th annual GIN (Global Issues Network) Conference, continued hard work towards mastering English, and her caring personality, Olya Barskaya was chosen as the next EAL VIP. Olya was interviewed by Julia Machado, a fellow EAL student from 3rd grade, about her experience at the GIN Conference. Watch the interview below to learn more about Olya, the Dwight GIN Team, and what she thinks is the hardest part about high school!


Olya’s VIP interview from Kristy Benfante on Vimeo.

(Interview questions and transcript by Julia Machado, 3rd grade)

What city are you from in Russia?

I’m from Moscow which is the capital of Russia.


When did you move to NYC?

I moved here 2 years ago in 2014.


How many languages do you speak?

I speak fluently in Russian and in English and I’m learning Spanish.


What’s your favorite part about EAL?

I think that it’s getting to know other international kids that are also taking EAL.


What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is reading.


What is the GIN team?

The GIN team is a team which includes 8 students from Dwight, they’re from 8th grade to 10th grade that attend an international conference.


What was your favorite part about the conference?

It was learning about a lot of global issues that we could solve.


Were you nervous on the day of the conference?

Yes, definitely. The conference was in Europe, we were the only school from the United States, the rest of the schools were European schools. It was very interesting to see the other kids, because I have never been to school in Europe. We were discussing global issues such as the refugee crisis and global warming and a lot of different stuff. So each team had to prepare a presentation and we were presenting in front of people, and people were able to choose what presentation they wanted to see. We had to make friends in order to get people to see our presentation. We were very nervous about meeting people and asking them to see our presentation because there were some kids who already went to the conference last year, so they all knew each other. Communicating was a very big part of the conference. Our presentation was about poverty and it actually went well!


Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I do, I have 2 younger siblings.


What is the hardest part about high school?


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