March 14

Fables, Earthquakes, And More!

6th Grade Fables 

Students were asked to write their own fables after reading The Little Prince.


A new book  – Mathea

Fable – Solal

2nd Grade:
In 2nd grade, students have been reading about natural disasters. Students learned lines from a short play called Earthquake. They performed their final presentation in class. Click on the video to watch!


4th and 5th Grade:

As a creative blog post, students in 4th and 5th grade wrote blog posts about what fictional character they would want as a best friend. Check out their blogs to see who they chose!

Dameli, 5th grade:
Jacobo, 5th grade:
Maria, 5th grade:
Joshua, 5th grade:
Adriana, 5th grade:
Gui, 4th grade:
Mike, 4th grade:
7th Grade:
After a unit on tall tales, 7th graders wrote their own tall tales and presented them to the class.
TallTale – Justin

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