January 25

What have our students been up to?

5th Grade:
How are recess, bullying, air pollution and gender equality related? These are the issues 5th Grade EAL students wrote about in their letters to President Obama. They chose an issue that was important to them and gave some thoughtful solutions that the President hopefully will consider! We will be sending our letters to the White House this week ?

LTTPMaria LTTPJoshua LTTPJacobo LTTPDameli-2 LTTPAdriana-3

6th Grade:
6th graders learned about conjunctions through FANBOYS. Students made up their own sentences and acted them out.
IMG_0709 IMG_0710

4th Grade:
4th graders researched different Christmas traditions from around the world using their iPads. They then turned the facts they found into posters and presented them in front of the class.
IMG_1496 IMG_1497 IMG_1499

7th and 10th Grade:
7th and 10th graders practice their impromptu writing skills with 15-minute picture writings. The task? Describe the picture and then tell us the story behind it. How much could you write in 15 minutes?


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