December 14

Random Acts of Kindness

Getting in the holiday spirit!
This week, EAL students were challenged to complete a random act of kindness. Take a look at the ways they showed others they care and join us in celebrating #randomactsofkindness!

Emilia, 6th Grade
One random act of kindness I demonstrated was that when my mom and I was walking, we saw a homeless man sitting with his dog outside of the movie theatre. We felt very bad for his so we bought some food, chips and something to drink for him. We also bought some water for the dog. When we gave it to him he was very happy and his dog was too:).

MK, 7th Grade
I away nice to people and kind to people. This week I Gave up my seat on the subway and bus. Also I pick up the garbage and trough away. I felt good and I should do more thing like this.

Mathea, 6th Grade
When I were going to the church with my family one time I saw a homeless person and asked dad if I could give her money. Then I got 8 dollars I think and gave it to her. After I gave it to her she got so happy and prayed to God about something. When I saw that she got happy I also got happy. That is my random act of kindness.

Willem, 11th Grade 
My acts of kindness are mostly little things, like keeping the door open for people, or help people to reach for their stuff. But big acts are helping, or just how they are doing. My most recent act made somebody forget that something bad happened and change it into a happy memory by helping that person to concentrate on exactly that moment. I saw the next day in their eyes that they looked happier.

Maria T., 6th Grade
Over this week I did one random act of kindness. The random act of kindness I did was to help a blind person get the ticket for the 86th cross town bus.

Maya, 4th Grade
Yesterday, when babysitter came to house I clean my room and made her happy. I felt so happy when I showed to my babysitter.

Isabella, 4th Grade
I helped someone in my class when he lost something on the ground. I helped him pick it up. I felt caring and helpful.

Anouk, 4th Grade
My random act of kindness was at school and the man who carry the big lunch box. He made it fall so I help him put the lunches back in the very big box. I felt very good because no one help him and was also happy that I help him.

Solal, 6th Grade 
I was at school in social studies and some people were painting. There was a lot of paint on a table and I helped clean up even though it wasn’t my mess. I felt good because the other kids said thanks.

Thelma, 9th Grade
Last week I helped a blind person cross the street and find his way home. It was next to the Flatiron building and it was very crowded. Afterward I felt really good, and I wanted to offer help to people more often.

Max, 9th Grade
I gave some money to a homeless person. I feel bad for homeless people because they don’t have almost any money. I gave the person some money, so the person can maybe get food or buy something else. I feel like I helped this person a lot because not a lot of people give homeless people money.

Justin, 7th Grade
On December 12th, 2015, I did my one and only random act of kindness. Of I was walking down the street, and I saw some homeless people in blankets, and I suddenly remembered that I have an EAL assignment of random act of kindness. Looked up the closest McDonald, and I go there, and bought a few happy meals. I wondered around some subways to give them away specially the people that are homeless and asleep. After this event, I feel happy, especially after I eat the happy meal. I think if everyone do what I did, a lot of people will be happy.

Julia, 8th Grade
I love doing things for other people and receiving a smile. I try to help people as much as possible in my daily life. For the Random Act of Kindness, I helped my doorman decorating the Christmas tree. He really appreciated my help and it was fun to do.

Eloi, 7th Grade
I helped an old blind woman to cross a road by holding her arm. After the act I felt so happy, proud, and think how easy it’s to help someone that needed help.

Dameli, 5th Grade
Today I helped homeless person. He needed some money to go home on subway, cause he got lost. So I helped him and gave him $5 so he could buy a metro card and go back home. I felt really proud of myself because I helped someone, and it was Random Act of Kindness.

Adriana, 5th Grade
Yesterday I helped my sister with her homework of writing. I felt so proud of myself because it was 8th grade homework.

Joshua, 5th Grade
Two days ago, after dinner I helped my mom to wash the dishes. I felt very wet and also very proud for what I did.

Jacobo, 5th Grade
I was walking down the street and I saw a woman she dropped her phone and then I picked it up and gave it to her.

Julia, 3rd Grade
I opened the door for my dad at the restaurant. It made me feel so good because every time my dad opens the door for me and now it was my turn to open it for him.

Giordana, 2nd Grade
I cleaned up my room. I felt good because I did something that made my mom happy.

Gui, 4th Grade
Today I gave brigadeiros (Brazilian sweet) to Ms. Sharik, Mr. Presti, and Ms. Benfante. It made me feel good because they were all really happy.

Mike, 4th Grade
This whole week I didn’t eat any desserts, instead I gave them to people in my class. It made me feel good because I was proud of myself.

Maria B., 8th Grade
Helped my family prepare dinner and lunch Saturday.

Eunice, 10th Grade
Random acts of kindness is that people help other people inadvertently without planning. This Friday, I was taking subway and there was a girl who did not hold handrail at that time. However, the subway suddenly stopped and the girl was going to fall to the ground because of inertia. When I realized, I gave her a helping hand and it avoided her to fall down. I felt very happy when people was expressing their thanks to me, since I learned the pleasure in helping people. In our daily life, there are a lot of ways and single things that we can help other things. Although those things are very insignificant, we can still gain much happiness. Also, it will make our society become more wonderful. The idea of random acts of kindness can inspire us to help other people selflessly and develop a good habit to assist people who need help. Moreover, people can spread this idea to the world.

Aisha, 8th Grade
During this weekend, I baked a big batch of Christmas sugar cookies. Since there was too many, I decided to share a few of them with a group of homeless people whom I always see sitting near a cathedral located not far away from my home. I just wanted for them to feel the magical and wonderful Christmas atmosphere that is so imminent right now. After I had done it, I felt that it is very pleasant and inspiring to do something sympathetic and random at once for those who are in need of help. I also realized that although my act was neither significant nor would it have a high impact, but it was a small step towards something bigger. I believe that if every once in a while one person does something good for struggling people, the world will eventually become a better place.

Christy, 10th Grade
For the random act of kindness, I helped my classmates with their homework. Since I understood the materials well, I explained to them and helped them to understand the materials. I felt proud after I did that because I could use me knowledges to help others.

Enzo, 6th Grade 
I gave my friend a Flash action figure that I don’t play with any more. I felt like a good friend because i gave something that’s mine to someone else. He was really happy because he LOOOVES Flash and he said “this is soooooo cool!

Nina, 11th Grade
Today I helped my mother to clean the floor in my apartment. As we will go back to China for winter break next week, we need to clean our apartment before we go so that we will not have to clean it after the long flight we take to come back. My mother was busy packing up when I got home and she looked a little tired. Therefore, I said I could help her to clean the floor and she felt happy about that. Then I took a mop in bathroom, filled a bucket with water, put the mob into the bucket and made it wet. After that I started to mop the floor, because our apartment is small, it only took me half an hour to make the floor clean. However, I still feel tired afterward because I need to move furniture around while mopping the floor. My mother felt satisfied with me because I seldom help her to do housework and I did a better job than she thought today. This made me think that my mother must feel exhausted to do all housework by herself, and I felt sorry for her because I did not realize that in the past. I decided to help my mother to do housework more frequently because she works very hard to learn English and I do not want her to feel tired. As our parents’ children, we have more energy than them, so I think we suppose to do as much as we can to help them, like doing housework, cooking, or even pour some water for them when they are tired. Kindness is mutual, our parents have been so kind to us in our lives, so it is important for us to show our gratitude to them and ease their burden.  nina picture

Sylvia, 11th Grade
When you give a hand to someone who need help, but at that very moment you did not consider what you would get and what benefit you might receive. I think that is the behavior which we called random acts of kindness.

I have received the warmness from this kind of conduct when I twisted my ankle months ago. And thus, I think once you felt warm, you have the obligated to let other to feel as well. In such way, no one will feel isolated.

It was the day when I went to home from school. I was in the elevator, and a woman came in, with lots of stuff in her hand and talked to the phone. She had no hand to press the button, so I asked her whether I could help her to press. She said yes and with saying thank you. It is a really tiny thing around us and can be done by everyone.

Helping others within our ability is something we can definitely do. It has not damaged on our benefits, and at the meanwhile, we can make others feel better.

Natalie, 6th Grade
In an army in Iraq that is from America, there was a soldier that feed three stray dogs that were nearby the army.  They also let them stayed at their bunks.  One day, the terrorist in the area came and brought a boom.  The soldiers don’t know that the terrorist had brought a boom but the dogs realized.  So they try to drag the terrorist away from the bunk.  The terrorist were angry but the dog still attempted to drag the boomer away but the boom still exploded and killed the poor dog and the terrorist.  The dog saved 50 men life.  The soldier that feed the dogs left but was still really worry about the two dogs that were alive.  So the man called the officer at that station and the officer was really nice so he made sure that the dogs are okay.  Then the soldier made a donation that could take the dogs to America.

Joseph, 2nd Grade
I cleaned up the Jenga blocks even though I’m not playing it and nobody asked me to do it.

Lisa, 2nd Grade
Today I hold a door for my mom when she wanted to go outside.

Christian, 11th Grade
One random act of kindness that I did and I always do is that every day I pass by a guy that sells newspapers in front of the subway entrance and every day we exchange pleasantries.

Timothy House:
After hearing about Safyre Terry through social media, all of our Timothy House students wanted to help make her holiday wish come true – to get enough holiday cards to fill up her card-tree. Here are some of the cards we sent to her today.

IMG_1476 IMG_5296

December 7

EAL Field Trip to the Apple Store

On December 1st, EAL students in grades 6-12 went to the Apple Store for a hands-on workshop. Middle school students learned how to use Keynote to present their ideas and high school students learned how to use iMovie. We learned a lot and even got to present our Keynote presentations and iMovies to everyone at the end. We also got free t-shirts and USB bracelets!

IMG_3515 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3520 IMG_3521 IMG_3522 IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3526 IMG_3527 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3531 IMG_3536 IMG_3538 IMG_3542 IMG_3544 IMG_3563


IMG_3414 IMG_3402 IMG_3385 IMG_3381 IMG_3379 IMG_3430IMG_3398 IMG_3389

Enjoying a game of Heads Up after lunch IMG_3554  IMG_3559 IMG_3561 IMG_3562