November 30

Holiday Card Exchange With iEarn!

EAL students in grades 2nd – 5th, joined a holiday card exchange on iEarn. We teamed up with 7 different schools around the world including schools from Taiwan, Slovenia, Belarus, Canada and Florida. We learned about different holidays that take place all over the world and shared our favorite holidays from our own countries.

We were so happy to receive Halloween cards from Taiwan!
image_20151102095450 image_20151102095438 IMG_3313 IMG_3321

We then made our own cards about our favorite holidays from our home countries.

IMG_3393 Working on our cards.
Isabella, Norway img_0091 img_0088

Anouk, France img_0062 img_0060

Maya, Japan img_0038 img_0036


Joseph, Hong Kong joe

Maria, Columbia maria

Jacabo, Spain Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.38.13 PM

Joshua, Hong Kong josh

Giordana, Italy giordana2

Adriana, Brazil adriana

Lisa, Japan Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 1.38.29 PM

Dameli, Kazakhstan dameli

Julia, Brazil julia

Mike, Russia mike

Gui, Brazil gui

We also got cards from our friends in Canada.

img_1455 IMG_3399 IMG_3397

Sending out our cards to our new friends in Taiwan, Slovenia, Canada, Florida, and Belarus!img_14572

November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

To start off our holiday week, we want to share some of the wonderful work our EAL students have completed in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

After reading the short story “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto, Eloi made a story board showing his knowledge of story elements like exposition, climax, and resolution.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.20.44 AM

6th grade students were asked to draw their own perceptions of the Little Prince’s appearance.

IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0613 IMG_0612

4th graders made turkeys out of their hands and feet and wrote what they are thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving To All!!

IMG_1464 IMG_1465

November 16

What’s In Your Backpack?

Finding inspiration from an article on, students in grades 2nd-12th took pictures of what is in their backpacks to share with you.

Backpack blog (1) – Solal, 6th Grade

Bernardo, 6th Grade, 11.02 pounds.
#Pencilcase #Binder #GreekMythsBook #DwightWaterBottle #SocialStudies&EnglishFolder #Folder #DwightAgenda #GrammarBook


IMG_5183 (1)
Pasha, 7th Grade


Mathea, 6th Grade
This is what I have in my bag. I have a calculator for math, a binder with sections for all my classes, I have a pencil case with pens and one rubber. I also have a Greek myth book for my English class which we have just started to read. I have one more reading book which is the second book in the Hunger Games series. There has been made movies based on all the books in that series  and the new film based on the third book is coming on the cinema next Thursday, and I am so exited. I also have an iPad that every 6th graders get and earplugs to listed to music in Study Hall. The last thing is the Grammar book which we also have in the subject English.


Emma, 6th Grade, 14.8 pounds


Photo on 11-13-15 at 10.43 AM #3
MK, 7th Grade
My favorite subject is design or P.E. I wish I do not need to carry laptop. I use my laptop most.


Maria, 8th Grade
Things I carry on my day to day life, which I use in school and use at home for homework.


FullSizeRender IMG_2066
Eunice, 10th Grade, 12 lbs.
My favorite subject is chemistry. I wish I didn’t have to carry folder in my bag because it is very heavy. I always use computer and I hardly use my calculator.


Sabrina, 4th Grade

FullSizeRender (1)
Christy, 10th Grade, 10.4 kg.
I wish I didn’t need to carry the computer because it is too heavy!


FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (2)
Emilia, 6th Grade


Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv
Monica, 4th Grade, 3.5 pounds.
My favorite subject is art its so much fun! I just wish that I did not have to carry my agenda. I use the most my homework folder and the least my book.


Aisha, 8th Grade
Besides all of the school materials, such as binders and notebooks, I always carry several additional things with me. One of these things is a hand sanitizer, which I hardly ever use, but prefer to keep just in case. I often have some extra cash in case of a critical situation, headphones, a hair tie, and my phone. I also like to carry a book with me. And if I have time during study halls and free periods, I usually read it.  In addition, I have a bracelet, presented by my Dad as a gift from Germany, which I consider as a talisman or a charm, so I always carry it with me.  I keep an additional hair tie for PE and a lip balm just in case. All other objects in the picture are the  necessary supplies for my everyday school life.


FullSizeRender (4)
Guya, 5th Grade, 6.5 pounds.
I am a fifth grade student at Dwight lower school, art is my favorite class and it doesn’t require me to carry many supplies. I wish I could stop carrying my books because they are very heavy, but I need to bring them because I love reading.


Simon, 10th Grade, 15 pounds
I wish I can come to school with nothing, everything in my locker room and the homework is separate with classwork.


Giordana, 2nd Grade
I am Giordana Beretta, a second grader student at Dwight School in New York City, U.S. My favourite class is EAL, because I bring to it only one workbook, I wish I couldn’t carry my Physical Education bag, because is too heavy.


Adriana, 5th Grade
My favorite subject is music because I love to play flute and sing. So I love that you relax in music lesson because you play a instrument and the music is nice to hear. I wished that I didn’t have to carry a lot of books because it makes it heavier. I use my pencil case a lot.


Gui, 4th grade, 7.5 pounds.
My favorite subject is Art because in Art we don’t have to carry too much things in your backpack, we can create new things, and all this is a lot of fun.


Joshua, 5th Grade
My favorite subject is PE because you can move more and have more fun. Something I wish I don’t have to carry in my book bag is my iPad because it is very heavy. I use my take-home folder because I have homework almost everyday.


Lisa, 2nd grade, 4.4 pounds.
My favorite subject is Math. I wish I didn’t have to carry my water bottle because it’s heavy. The item I use most in my backpack is homework folder and the item I use the least is library book.


Eloi, 7th grade, 13.2 pounds.
My favorite subject is Drama. I wish I didn’t have to carry this binder. I mostly use my laptop. I don’t use my notebook.


Dameli, 5th grade, 4.5 pounds.
My favorite subject is EAL. Because I really like learning different languages, and we having fun. I wish I don’t need to carry my iPad. Even if I don’t like to carry my iPad, I use it the most. We are doing everything on our IPads or Labtops!


Julia de Jongh, 8th Grade, 12.6 pounds
I have a red bookbag from Converse. I usually don’t bring a lot to school because I have to walk to school and I don’t want to carry a heavy bookbag all the way to school. I have two binders, a calculator, a book, my wallet, and my laptop in my bag. I don’t like carrying my two binders because they are quite heavy and they take up a lot of room inside my bag. I use my laptop a lot because for almost all of the subject we need our laptop. My favorite subject in school is Art because you can express yourself or things without words. I also really like PE because you can try new sports. 


1 Untitled
Mike, 4th grade
My favorite lesson is RECESS because we can do whatever we wont on recess! And we don’t need any stuff for it!


1 Untitled
Maria, 5th Grade

Enzo, 6th Grade, 20 pounds.
I would wish to not carry my Spanish folder with me.

Justin, 7th Grade, 34.9 LBs.

IMG_3779 IMG_3778
Isabella, 4th Grade

image2 (1)
Joseph, 2nd Grade

IMG_0497 IMG_0498
Anouk, 4th Grade

November 9

Students from 3rd and 4th grade share their work

3rd Grade

In 3rd grade we learned about adding details to our writing by using our 5 senses. Using Adobe Voice, Julia taught us about her senses and what she can do with them.

4th Grade

4th graders learned about conjunctions and how they help fix run-on sentences. Check out their Piccollages for more information on each conjunction.

IMG_0053IMG_0049IMG_0024PicCollageIMG_0030    IMG_0084IMG_0029IMG_0055

November 2

Welcoming more of our new EAL friends!

Giordana 2nd grade
Giordana is from Milan, Italy.  She is in 2nd grade here at Dwight. Her favorite thing to do in Milan was riding bikes with her family. What she misses the most about Milan is her friends from school.  In New York City, she likes to play in Central Park and go shopping. She thinks that New York City pizza is more delicious than Milan’s!  She has 3 sisters; two of them go to Dwight: Guya is in 5th grade and Gineva is in 7th grade.



Federico 9th Grade by Maria and Thelma

Frederico Zampedri, is a new student at Dwight School and is Italian. Federico came to New York in 2012. Living here already for a long time, his English is really good. He has an older sister named Francesca, but she doesn’t go to Dwight. He attended an Italian school before coming to Dwight, but he did not like it so much so he decided to come to our school. Frederico is very much liking the school so far and contributes to our community in a very interesting way. He plays on the Soccer on the Junior Varsity Team. His favorite subject is gym, and he is very athletic. Frederico really likes living in New York, but still keeps his Italian background present by speaking the language at home in every occasion, which is very interesting. He is very well adapted to the Dwight School’s routine and thinks that it is easy being a foreigner in the school. His favorite genre of music is house. Outside of school he likes to surf and dirtbike. 



Aisha 8th Grade
My name is Aisha, and I am 14 years old. I was born on July 8, 2001, in Astana, which is the capital of Kazakhstan, the country I am originally from. I have moved to the United States in May, 2015, and I have been living in Miami, Florida during the last summer. In September, I have moved to Manhattan, New York, and now I am an 8th grade student of Dwight School. Before the United States, for the past 6 years, I have been living in Astana, but before that I have lived in Milan, Italy, where my little sister Dameli was born, and in London, England, where my little brother Mansur was born. Dameli is also a member of Dwight Community, studying as a 5th grade student. My interests include both physical and mental activities. In Miami, we have spent a lot of time playing tennis and golf, so I prefer these types of sports. I also like skiing, ice skating, and swimming. I love reading books, and one of my favourite literature pieces is “451 Fahrenheit” written by Ray Bradbury. I play the piano, and I have been studying at a music after school for 7 years. During free time I enjoy baking, watching different movies, and spending time outside. I love to travel, and I have been to some countries of Europe, Asia and America. My favourite subjects are probably Social Studies, English, and Science. I am really happy to be studying at Dwight, and I think that this school is wonderful, because it provides so many opportunities to meet people with different cultures and nationalities, to gain knowledge, to  improve skills and to develop a better personality. I love living in New York, and I am enjoying every day spent in the United States.


Pasha 7th Grade Interviewed by Gabriela
I interviewed a boy called Pavel; he just turned 14 on On October.  He was born in Moscow for 9 years and moved to Miami. After 4 years he moved to New York. This boy also likes to be called Pasha, because his family calls him like this. He has an older brother and a younger sister. Outside the school he does dance like: Samba, Cha-cha-cha and Salsa; He also play chess, does art and ping-pong.  



Maria 8th Grade
I’m Maria Beatriz Berlfein and I’m from Sao Paulo Brazil. My dad got transferred this year to New York and me and my family all moved here in September. This is not my first time in New York I’ve visited here before during vacation and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the reasons I love New York is because if the Broadway shows and musicals. I love to dance, I’ve been dancing Ballet since I was three years old and I love it very much. Also I love to draw and paint. This year I joined the art after school activity and I enjoy it very much. So far I’m really enjoying Dwight, I love it because it is a International school so you  get to meet different people from different countries. Also I’m really enjoying to learn about the American Government and get to understand the process and its procedures. Also the experience of moving is great because you really get to know New York and know what is like to live in New York. I really enjoy to travel around the world and get to know different places.



Gabriela 7th Grade – Interviewed by Pasha

She was born on October 3, 2003. Was born in Fortaleza, Brazil.  Gabriela lives in uptown New York. Gabriela has a younger sister and brother. Gabriela is the oldest of her two siblings ,.,. Gabriela takes dance after school. She started dancing since she was six. She does Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop. She plays guitar, does singing, and knows how to draw. Also she likes editing videos. She also does drama and volleyball.