October 26


“Education helped all of us become who we are today. But more than 62 million girls around the world – half of whom are adolescent – are denied the right to an education. When girls aren’t given the chance to realize their potential, the whole world loses out.” http://62milliongirls.com/

EAL students joined in the movement to help spread the word about education.

“There are 62 millions girls around the world do not have opportunities to receive education. As being a girl, I feel so happy that this event gets the attention from people, and I hope that the girls will get a chance to learn in the future.” – Christy Wang, 10th grade

“I think that I should treasure my present life and be extremely grateful to our opportunity to get education.” – Eunice Ma, 10th grade

“62million girls made me learned that girls are treated differently in many countries, and they don’t get to go to school. I am so glad I am in the US or else I would see these inequalities and I cannot do anything about it. I think this activity would help because it gains people’s attentions so people might donate to those girls who cannot go to school because of economic issues.”
– Simon Luo, 10th grade

“#62milliongirls was a project we did in EAL that told us that in some countries boys are the only ones allowed to go to school and girls can’t go to school because they are girls.” – Lisa Takasaku, 2nd grade

 “We watched a video by Obama’s wife  and she told us what to do for the project. We told everyone what we learned in school.” – Joseph Cheung, 2nd grade
 “We watched the video and then told every on Instagram what we learned in school and took a picture!” – Julia Machado, 3rd grade

Click on the following pictures to see what we learned in school.

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“In school, I learned ____. #62MillionGirls don’t have that chance.”

October 19

Welcome to Dwight – Meet the rest of our EAL family!

Christy Interviews Simon – 10th Grade 

“A boy who is shy in front of strangers, and is talkative and active staying with his friend” is a felicitous turn of phrase to describe him. Simon Luo, a sixteen years old boy, is a new tenth grade student in Dwight this year. This is his second year studying in the state, before that he lives in Beijing, the capital city of China. Simon likes to spend his free time on playing basketball and playing video games. Stephen curry is his favorite basketball player, and League of Legends, which also known as LOL is his favorite game. For Dwight, Simon thinks is it a wonderful school, that students and teachers are very kind and open-minded. He also loves the small classes that Dwight has, which makes him get more attention and helps from teachers. Among all the teachers in Dwight, Simon likes Ms. Singer most because of her smile and easygoing; and due to that, he really enjoys to have EAL class. For this year, Simon’s goals are: improving his English skill and get an average of 90 in every class.



Christian Interviews Willem 11th Grade

1. Where are you from?
2. What languages do you speak?
3. Why did you move to Dwight?
4. How do you like Dwight so far?
5. What was your impression of the class on the first day of school?
1. I am from the Netherlands.

2. I speak Dutch and English, but I also took for a few years Spanish, French, and German.
3. I moved to Dwight, so that I could have a better education.
4. I like Dwight, because they want you to understand the information they teach you.
5. I was nervous, because I was in a new environment, but every student and teacher tried to help me in a good way.
Maya Interviews Eunice 10th Grade
Welcome to Dwight School, Menghan Ma!! She in 10th grade and came from China. She prefers to be called Eunice, so please call her so! Her favorite color is blue and her hobby is to sleep, just like me !:) In her spare time, she sometimes draw or swim. During the long weekend, she finished her homework and went shopping with her friends. She decided to come to America so that she could improve her English skills and experience the international education. Her favorite class in Dwight is film class. She likes Dwight because everyone is full of enthusiasm and passion. She sometimes finds her homework hard, but she is able to manage it and enjoying the new school life in NYC. Comparing China and NYC, she mentioned that people have different culture. Language is the biggest wall that stands in front of her, but she is willing to work hard in order to fill the gap with others.
EAL picture

New Student: Julia Machado, 3rd grade

My name is Julia. I am 8 and I am from Fortaleza, Brazil. I love gymnastics. My favorite thing to do in New York City is go to the Central Park and go ice skating. My favorite subject in Dwight School is PE because I love sports and I like the music class too.

Guya 5th Grade
Guya is from Milan, Italy. Her favorite thing about Milan is all the shops, but she doesn’t have a favorite shop. Her favorite thing about New York City is Central Park. She has three sisters – 2 of them go to Dwight and one of them is 3 years old. She loves to dance, draw and sing. The most interesting place she has been is France because it has a dance theater. She also loves the Eiffel Tower. One time she almost swam with sharks, but when she got close to them she got scared and decided not to.
Julia de Jongh, 8th Grade

I’m Julia and I’m 14 years old. I’m from The Netherlands and I moved here this summer. I really enjoy Dwight because you get to know students from all around the world. I like hanging out with my friends and I love to travel, I like discovering new places and seeing different cultures. I also really love to sport or to take a walk. In my free time, I’m usually painting or drawing, because I love art!

Photo on 10-30-15 at 7.57 PM #2

October 13

More Students Join the Dwight EAL Family!

Mike interviews Gui!  (4th grade)

Gui interviews Mike!  (4th grade)


New Student: Eloi Le Bourhis, 7th grade

Interviewer: Solal Papillard, 6th grade

1. Where were you born?

I was born in Levallois, Perret. It’s really close to Paris in France.

2. How many languages do you speak?

Two. Well almost two. French and English.

3. What is the hardest part about being a new student?

Making friends is the hardest.

4. What is your favorite part about Dwight?

We finish school at 3pm; because in France we finish in at 4pm.


Max interviews Judy (9th Grade) 
Judy Zhu moved to New York in July 2015 from Shenzhen to get better education. She was born on December 12, 2000. She visited New York for the first time 5 years ago and since then came to New York 5 more times. She lived in 5 cities:  Philadelphia, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Los Angeles and Chongqing. Judy also likes school in New York better than in China and says that they don’t really use laptops in school in China. Judy thinks that people in New York are more open.



Junior interviews Ayane (9th Grade)
Ayane is a 9th grade student that moved from Tokyo, Japan to New York a couple months ago. She moved to New York because of her parents who work at a Japanese tv station. They had been asked to go to New York which is why they are planning to stay here for around 2 years. She does prefer Japan over New York. This is also because the language is still difficult for her which is why school in Japan is easier but they are stricter. Which is also why she wants to go to college in Japan. She does miss her friends from Japan but doesn’t miss her family because her parents came with her to New York.



Maria Interviews Natalie – 6th Grade 

Natalie Chen is a sixth grader at Dwight. Natalie comes from China and now she lives in New York. In China Natalie’s school was the best school in China. Natalie is from Beijing, China.Natalie also says that she prefers New York because it is cleaner and because people in China are really rude. Natalie’s full name is Natalie Xintong Chen, and in China people call her Xintong because her real name is Xintong  but since Natalie’s parents knew she was going to live in New York they put Natalie as her first name. Natalie was born in America but then she went back to China, and she just moved to New York (ten months ago). Overall Natalie is loving to live in New York and she is very happy at Dwight.



MK Interviews Justin – 7th Grade 

Name: Justin Chen
Born in New York but he lived in China. He lived in Beijing. He turn 13 2 days ago. He like Dwight school. He visit 14 country. His favorite county is Australia. Australia is his favorite country because there is beach. His hobby is playing tennis. He have one sister.



New Student: Shuning Wu (Sylvia) 11th Grade

Interviewer: Yuening Jiang (Nina) 11th Grade 

I interviewed Sylvia, who is a new student from 11th grade. She came from Shanghai province in China, and she has been in NYC for two months. Before she came to NYC, she went to Boston last winter with her friends. She likes the snow in Boston, because the snow-covered landscape there is very beautiful, however, it is very cold, too. “I never feel that cold in Shanghai before,” Sylvia said, “because Shanghai has no snow in the winter.” Sylvia loves Shanghai better than any other places, because Shanghai dishes are her favorite, especially Xiao Long Bao (a kind of bun with pork and soup inside). Sylvia likes to stay at home and study during weekends, she also likes to play computer as entertainment. During vacations, Sylvia usually goes back to Shanghai. “The first thing I do after arrived Shanghai is always to eat. I miss Shanghai dishes badly.” Sylvia said. Sylvia lives with her aunt in NYC, which means that she can only meet her parents when she goes back to Shanghai. Sylvia misses her parents very much. Although she just been to NYC for two months, Sylvia already found the differences between NYC and Shanghai: First, the time zones of this two cities are different. NYC is 12 hours later than Shanghai, which makes it hard for her to contact with her parents. Second, the environments in this two cities are different. In Shanghai, she rarely sees the sky is as blue as it is in NYC, since the air pollution in Shanghai has been more and more serious. Last but not least, the foods are different. In NYC, she often eats fast food, like hamburgers and pizzas, while she can have the meal her mom cooked for her in Shanghai.

“I like my old school very, very much.” Sylvia emphasized several times when I asked her about her old school in Shanghai. She had been studied in Shanghai Foreign Language School, and she had a wonderful time there. “I have many friends in my school, and our school often organizes fun activities.” Sylvia mentioned an activity in her school, which is “International Day”. During that day, students always have a day off and go to watch art performances together. Also, the school organizes some benefit sells activities, and Sylvia enjoyed them very much. Sylvia found that there are many differences between Dwight and her old school. First, in Dwight, there are less students in one class. In her old school, the classes are larger, which has over 40 students in every class. Second, there are some classes in Dwight that her old school does not provide, like business class which she is taking now. Third, the lesson selection for students is more flexible than it is in her old school. For example, some science classes are optional at Dwight, while they are required classes in her old school. At the end, Sylvia talked about the differences between American-style education and Chinese-style education. Sylvia believes that these two kinds of education both have their advantages: American-style education is more free than Chinese, and students in the US do not have as much pressure as Chinese students do. However, in China, students are able to use the time between two classes freer, as they only have one classroom for all subjects, thus they do not have to move around between two classes.

Sylvia has a friendly and kind personality, so I am very glad that she joined Dwight family this year. I hope she can enjoy her time at Dwight.



Natalie Interviews Maria 6th Grade

Hi, I am interviewing Marie Teles today.  She said Portugal is a beautiful country.  In Portugal the traditional food are fishes. New York and portugal are really diffrent. The houses in Portugal are really big it is really different it only go on to five floors. Marie’s house is on two right, Marie have her own room, she is not usually at home but she feels safer in Portugal.  Next, I ask her if she have a pet? Yes , she do have a dog and his name is Mate, he is a really lovely doggie
she usually do Gymnastics, singing classes after school. They usually saw Stray cats sparrows a little bit of pigeons in Portugal.  Her favorite Portugal food are Cod Fish.They have Christmas because most of them are Christian and they also celebrates Easter!the school in Portugal starts at nine and end at four thirty.  The teachers are nice  they also kind of eat breakfast and they have snack time and they can play in the park. They don’t have lots of candy shop, her favorite one is Amoreiras  close story are peixinho do mar, Maria concha , antimilk. She like to watch Disney channel zac e code todos abordo, par de reis…


Emma Interviews Mathea 6th Grade

Interview with Mathea

  1. Why are you here?
  • I’m here because of my Dads job in the Norwegian mission to the United Nations
  1. What is your interest?
    • My interest is handball. I’ve been playing since my first grade and like it a lot. I also like being with friends, play soccer and dodgeball.
  2. Who is your role model, and why?
    • My role model is my bigger sister (Bigsig), first because she is my bigger sister and because I like the choices she make. She also stands up for me and my friends. I find her very caring and I like that she is a risk-taker
  3. What is your favorite TV show?
    • My favorite TV show is the vampire diaries and pretty little liars.
  4. Where is your dream place to visit?
    • My dream place is Hawaii and the Maldives because of their nature with crystal clear water and the beautiful beaches.
  5. Did you have any pets in Norway?
    • Yes, I had a cat named Simba. He is two years old and I love him.
  6. Where in Norway did you live?
    • I lived in Oslo, the capital of Norway. My school was Munkerud School which is very close to where I lived.


Solal and Bernardo 6th Grade 

Questions- Solal

Answers- Bernardo

Solal– What is your favorite video game?

Bernardo– My favorite video game is Wii Infinity, in which you put an action figure in a base and the small toy appears in the screen.

Solal– What is the part you like most about Dwight?

Bernardo– One of the things I really like about Dwight is the all this freedom that we have to move from one room to another, or even go to the other building with your friends.

Solal– What is your favorite subject?

Bernardo– I can not say that I only have one favorite subject, but I really like Social Studies, because we can learn about civilizations and how people lived in the past.

Solal– What board games do you like to play?

Bernardo– I really enjoy playing board games, and I love playing Clue, Monopoly and others that are not that famous.

Solal– Do you have a sister or a brother?

Bernardo– Yes, I have both a sister and a brother. My brother is 9 years old and was born here in New York when my parents and me lived here for the first time. My sister is 4, and was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


October 6

Welcome Back!

We hope you enjoyed your summer! We are so excited to have over 25 new students in EAL this year. For the next three weeks we will feature profiles on each of our new students. Read on to get to know our new Dwight friends.

New Student: Joshua Cheung, 5A
Interviewer: Adriana Berlfein
I interviewed Joshua and he is in 5A. Before New York City, he came from Hong Kong. Joshua hobby is drawing funny things. When Joshua came to New York City he wanted to improve his English and speaking in English. Joshua’s favorite subject in school is his after school activity because he is doing Stop Motion and he likes to 
create stop motion movies. Joshua likes Dwight school because he gets his own iPad.


New Student: Adriana Berlfein, 5A
Interviewer: Josh Cheung

I interviewed Adriana. She is from São Paulo, Brazil. She have lived there for about 10 years. Adriana’s hobby is volleyball and reading history books. When I asked her where is the best Place you’ve been, she said, “it is hard to say because I went to a lot of places”. She used to play Minecraft but stopped because she thought she played too long. She also likes to play Monopoly.



Video – Lisa interviews Joseph!