May 28

What is a stereotype?

On May 19th, the EAL and Mandarin classes joined together for a trip to Chinatown. Students in grades 6-11 visited the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA). Students participated in a workshop called, “Where do Stereotypes Come From?” prior to exploring the museum. For many of our students, this also connected to Dwight’s American History curriculum, and connections were made to the Chinese Exclusion Act and the First Wave of Chinese Immigration.

Afterwards, students walked through Chinatown for a special, authentic Chinese lunch at Old Sichuan.
Students Share Their Thoughts:
  • “After the trip, I had a better understanding of Chinese immigration
    culture, and different stereotypes of people from all over the world.” – Yunfei, 11th Grade
  • “The museum was interesting and I liked the presentation. I also loved the restaurant!” – Y-Lan, 6th Grade
  • “My favorite part was eating!” – MK, 6th Grade
  • “I enjoyed the field trip very much, as I have learned many things about Chinese people’s experiences in America in the museum, and the food in the Chinese restaurant was very good.” – Nina, 10th Grade
  • “I loved Chinatown!” – Scott, 10th Grade
  • “I found the museum a really good experience because I learned things that I didn’t know before and are really interesting.” – Carlota, 7th Grade
  • “I got to know many interesting stories about US and China’s influences to each other. The highlight of the trip was the delicious Chinese food for me:)” – Maya, 9th Grade
  • “I loved how we got to know a different culture and specially to try new types of food” – Maria, 8th Grade
  • “It was fun being with all the EAL and Chinese students!” – Laetitia, 10th Grade
  • “I loved the museum and I thought it was very interesting because I learned a lot about China through some very fun activities.” -Olga, 9th Grade
  • “The museum was very nice and I loved all the pieces of art we got to see there!”

    -Embla, 10th Grade

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