May 4

Is your mouth watering yet?? Check out these traditional family recipes!

Ms. Standig’s 8th and 9th Grade Intermediate EAL students completed a comprehensive grammar unit in April. This unit included an in-depth study of count and non-count nouns, units of measure, and quantifiers (much, many, a lot of, some, any, few, a few, little, and a little). Students used these grammatical elements in class activities, blogs, and written reflections.
Afterwards, students asked their parents or grandparents for the recipe to one of their favorite traditional family meals. Each recipe had to connect to their own culture and be written at home in their native language. Students then brought these recipes to class and translated them into English. Each recipe (grade and level depending) includes a required amount of these grammar topics. The recipes were then laminated–producing our own Dwight EAL international cookbook for each student. Nice job Maria, Maxim, Junior, Kevin, Christy, Laetitia, and Riccardo!

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