April 7

Where Did You Go On Your Spring Break?

Ms. Kearns: Vieques, Puerto Rico

IMG_1521-szo7pk-169x300 Maria: Greenwich

IMG_1479-2aw8qqu-169x300Maria: Aladdin on Broadway

IMG_2675-q6oyj2-300x225 Riccardo: Tulum, Mexico


IMG_4185-2lhl81e-300x65 Laetitia S.: Dubai

IMG_9566-2gbgthy-300x225Nina: New Jersey

IMG_6377Gabi: LA–the Hollywood Walk of Fame.IMG_6378 Gabi: Griffith Park, LA

IMG_6579 Ziyi: Shanghai

image-1 Maxim: Coy wall on Old Arbat–a wall in Moscow where artists are allowed to draw graffiti-style artwork.

image Maxim’s favorite restaurant–the Pushkin Restaurant in Moscow.

IMG_0289IMG_0301 Julien: Dubai

unnamedunnamed Christian: California

Florida1FloridaFlorida 2Florida 3 Emma: Fishing in Florida

unnamedunnamed-1 Yunfei: Shanghai

image1image2 Emilia: Norway

2-196j71w-225x3003-1p1wtuc-225x3001-27zcr29-300x225 Junior: LA

IMG_4801IMG_4861 Mae: California

IMG_1599IMG_1916 Thelma, Solal, Anouk: Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon

(null)-3(null)-2(null)-1(null) Ms. Benfante: Pennsylvania

IMG_2682IMG_2641IMG_2733 Ms. Singer: NY and NJ

IMG_8069 Embla: Costa Rica

FullSizeRender Ms. Standig: NYC and The Bodies Exhibit

IMG_0736IMG_0815IMG_0755 Maria: Florida

ảnh Lam Ha: NYC

IMG_1122-1w5waex-300x225 Christy: KPop Concert in Shanghai

20150318_18175920150327_12391820150320_123914 Enzo and Arthur: California




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