April 27

Poetry Lesson

Two of our EAL students, So-Eun and Maya, did a great job giving a poetry lesson to the 4th graders. They used Billy Collin’s poems because they are easy and funny. The fourth graders enjoyed their presentations and asked a lot of questions.
– Ms. Kearns

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April 21

Happy World Language Day 2015!!

April 14

Harlem Renaissance Workshop Reflection

Before Spring Break, Ms. Standig’s 9th grade EAL students reflected on their blogs about the Apollo Theater workshop hosted here at Dwight. Our high school students participated in this workshop, where they learned about the issues and music of the 1960’s. They also collaborated in groups to make connections to issues in today’s society–through song and dance. Here are their thoughts about the workshop!

Laetitia’s Blog

Christy’s Blog 

Riccardo’s Blog  

April 7

Where Did You Go On Your Spring Break?

Ms. Kearns: Vieques, Puerto Rico

IMG_1521-szo7pk-169x300 Maria: Greenwich

IMG_1479-2aw8qqu-169x300Maria: Aladdin on Broadway

IMG_2675-q6oyj2-300x225 Riccardo: Tulum, Mexico


IMG_4185-2lhl81e-300x65 Laetitia S.: Dubai

IMG_9566-2gbgthy-300x225Nina: New Jersey

IMG_6377Gabi: LA–the Hollywood Walk of Fame.IMG_6378 Gabi: Griffith Park, LA

IMG_6579 Ziyi: Shanghai

image-1 Maxim: Coy wall on Old Arbat–a wall in Moscow where artists are allowed to draw graffiti-style artwork.

image Maxim’s favorite restaurant–the Pushkin Restaurant in Moscow.

IMG_0289IMG_0301 Julien: Dubai

unnamedunnamed Christian: California

Florida1FloridaFlorida 2Florida 3 Emma: Fishing in Florida

unnamedunnamed-1 Yunfei: Shanghai

image1image2 Emilia: Norway

2-196j71w-225x3003-1p1wtuc-225x3001-27zcr29-300x225 Junior: LA

IMG_4801IMG_4861 Mae: California

IMG_1599IMG_1916 Thelma, Solal, Anouk: Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon

(null)-3(null)-2(null)-1(null) Ms. Benfante: Pennsylvania

IMG_2682IMG_2641IMG_2733 Ms. Singer: NY and NJ

IMG_8069 Embla: Costa Rica

FullSizeRender Ms. Standig: NYC and The Bodies Exhibit

IMG_0736IMG_0815IMG_0755 Maria: Florida

ảnh Lam Ha: NYC

IMG_1122-1w5waex-300x225 Christy: KPop Concert in Shanghai

20150318_18175920150327_12391820150320_123914 Enzo and Arthur: California