March 3

10th Graders Write Their Own Poems

In our unit on the decades of the ’50’s and ’60’s we are covering Civil Rights and race problems. The poetry of Langston Hughes has been covered. This assignment was to use the first stanza of his poem, “Theme for English B,” and make your own poem. – Ms. Kearns

Theme for English B


I know that it’s hard.

I’m turning 17, a girl, born Oslo, Norway.

I went to school there, then here to this IB school

in the city above all cities.

I am the only Norwegian student in my daily classes.

The stairs from the school lead up to the desks and chairs in EAL

Then I come to the end of the room,

Where I sit down and write this page.




I wonder if it’s that simple?

I am sixteen, I am a girl, born in Germany.

I went to school there, then Holland, then here,

to this high school on Central park West.

I am one of the Dutch students in my class.

The steps from central Park West lead down to Columbus Avenue,

Then I cross Amsterdam, Broadway,

Then I come to West End Avenue,

Where I take the elevator up to my room

Where I sit down and write this paper.


Lam Ha:

I am sixteen years old, yellow, born in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I went to school there, then Brooklyn, then here.

To the Dwight School on Central Park West in Manhattan.

I am the only Vietnamese student in my class.

The steps from school lead to the subway, Lexington,

86th, 96th, 103, and then to 110 th street.

Where I get off, walk around the corner,

Up to my room, where I write this paper.

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