January 26

Dining Etiquette Around The World

Chinese gastronomic culture was quite long, and has a history of over thousands years. Food and cooking is a very important part in Chinese people’s live. However, how do we eat during meals? What are the points that we need to be careful of? Let us explain it to you now.


In Chinese culture, there is no such thing as “tip”. If you go to a restaurant, you just need to pay for the food that you ordered and the tax. You don’t need to give tips, and Chinese people are not used to give tips.


For traditional Chinese meals, chopsticks and spoons are the main utensils that we use. Chinese people are very good at using chopsticks, and children need to learn it from really young age, such as 3 years old. Unlike forks and knives, chopsticks allow us to move more freely between dishes and share food with others.


for showing appreciation, the best way to show the delicacy of food is to finish everything in the plate and give compliments of the food. one Chinese tradition in dinners, especially for more formal dinners, is to make toast to everyone to show the politeness. For instance, to praise or bless others, or say happy holiday etc.


For sharing, to show respect or love, we usually place food in other’s bowl or plate. Those phenomenons are more common for family dinners like elders always give food to younger people, but sometimes close friends do it as well depend on the situation.

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Russia:You should not: put your elbows on the table, and should not eat a sandwich with both hands. You should not make any noise while eating; you should not chew with an open mouth.
You should: say thank you after you finish the food.
January 12

How do you say HAPPY NEW YEAR!?

Happy New Year!

Bonne Année! – French

新年快乐 !- Mandarin Chinese

새해 복 많이 받으세요! – Korean

Godt nytt år! – Norwegian

Feliz Ano Novo – Portuguese

Fröhliches Neu Jahr – German

Feliz Año Nuevo – Spanish

Srečno Novo Leto – Slovenian

שנה טובה! – Hebrew

Buon Anno Nuovo – Italian

 photo 3 Russian

photo 2Dutch

photo 1 Vietnamese

IMG_1130 Japanese