December 8

9th Grade EAL Connects to 9th Grade History

For this project, students developed a creative comic strip on a key event and conflict from Indian history. Each of these conflicts connected directly to the 9th grade Dwight History curriculum. The requirements included researching the event, creating an outline and thesis statement, and then using the iPad app Comic Life to develop an interactive overview of this event.
Each comic strip also included the following:
  • Key People from this time period
  • The major circumstances relevant to the event/revolt/protest/rebellion
  • Elements of chaos and order
  • Images/symbols

Students then met after school to present their comics and review these events prior to an in-class History assessment. Students received copies of each others’ comics to use as study guides and resources for upcoming history exams and essays.

Comic Strip - Laetitia 1 Comic Strip - Laetitia Laetitia

Comic Strip – Olya 9th Grade

Comic Strip – Riccardo

Comic Strip – Christy

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