December 15

“Putting together a who’s who of American cool”

Five 9th and 10th grade students read the article “Putting together a who’s who of American cool” from the website and then wrote about who or what was cool to them.
Who is cool? Well, according to some of our 9th and 10th graders:
Johnny Depp is cool. Justin Bieber isn’t. Roger Federer is cool. Rafa Nadal isn’t.
Check out their responses below.
In the article called Exploring a uniquely American concept of cool, The author, Newsela staff, defines that cool is a word for rebellion, self-respection, charisma, edge, and mystery.
I think the concept of “cool” is different over time period. As he said in the article, in the 1960s and 1970s, people who were called cool were mostly against the authority, and open minded. This is very different from the current situation. Recently, being “cool” has been validated by being rich. 
I agree to what he says, but in some ways, I disagree. I think people has its own way of looking at other people, and each of us feels “cool” from many different reasons. 
In my perspective, a tennis player, caller Roger Federer is the coolest guy I know. He is very king and also plays tennis elegantly. Additionally, I went to see his match. However, of course there are many people who does not like him, or people who does not see any “cool” reason on him.
In the article called “Exploring a uniquely American concept of cool,” it discusses how the idea of cool has changed through a time period. According to the National Portrait Gallery, the word “cool” can be defined as a rebellion, self-expression, charisma, edge, and mystery. The exhibit features 100 photographs of people who defined cool such as Walt Whitman to Jay-Z, and also Obama,so that it evolves through the generations.The list of 100 “cool” celebrities are selected by a four-point formula of definition of “cool”: someone who has an original artistic vision and their own unique style that are consistently recognizable. Nowadays, being cool is related to having wealth, where before, people were more interested in being cool.
According to the National Portrait Gallery, cool includes rebellion, self-expression, charisma, edge and mystery. To be considered a cool person, he or she has to pass the following criteria: an original artistic vision with a signature style, represents cultural rebellion, has instant visual recognition, and has a recognized and lasting cultural impact. In simpler words, to be cool means to do something that is against what people do, to pretend like that or to have something that makes other people look up on you. Some celebrities considered to be cool are Fred Astaire, Ernest Hemingway, Duke Ellington, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis Presley. However, I think that the coolness mostly depends on each person’s view, like all the famous people that I mentioned above, I do not even know who they are or what they have to considered to be cool. Or Justin Bieber, my girlfriends in Vietnam like him a lot, they are crazy about him and think that he is really cool, but for me, I do not find anything that is interesting about him and I do not think that he is cool. In addition, I think that coolness can also come from small things such as getting Dean’s list or wearing a nice outfit.
I think this depends very much on each person and what they like/ don’t like. If you think someones cool you (in most case) like them and the things they do. For me “cool” people needs to be different from others, good role models and have funny or nice personalities. It’s also cool if they support things I care about or if they’re really good at things I like to do. Some of the coolest persons I know of are people like Emma Watson, David Bowie and Cara Delving. These are three very different persons, but they all stand out from other people and they all have things (political meanings, songs) that inspire me and probably many others. Other people may think that these people are “uncool” if they have different meanings than them or something else. My whole point is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question, its personal and what you think is cool is the right answer for you.
The dictionary definition of cool is, “Fashionably attractive or impressive.” Many people mention cool and use it very often, no one really knows what makes a person cool. The article mentions how cool means that you have to think differently from everyone else, and to be sort of a rebel, and only celebrities, artists, and musicians are cool. In my opinion this is not what cool means, I think cool does not really have to do much with your fashionably attractiveness, I think cool is when you’re able to do what you want and to be who you are. Many people try to be cool and feel bad when it doesn’t “work out” for them. Some people might be “cooler” than others but even if you are fashionable attractive this doesn’t mean you will be cool or happy. Everyone is trying to be cool for someone else and I think that everyone should just try to be themselves and try to do what makes them feel cool, not try to reach a standard that isn’t really there.
December 8

9th Grade EAL Connects to 9th Grade History

For this project, students developed a creative comic strip on a key event and conflict from Indian history. Each of these conflicts connected directly to the 9th grade Dwight History curriculum. The requirements included researching the event, creating an outline and thesis statement, and then using the iPad app Comic Life to develop an interactive overview of this event.
Each comic strip also included the following:
  • Key People from this time period
  • The major circumstances relevant to the event/revolt/protest/rebellion
  • Elements of chaos and order
  • Images/symbols

Students then met after school to present their comics and review these events prior to an in-class History assessment. Students received copies of each others’ comics to use as study guides and resources for upcoming history exams and essays.

Comic Strip - Laetitia 1 Comic Strip - Laetitia Laetitia

Comic Strip – Olya 9th Grade

Comic Strip – Riccardo

Comic Strip – Christy