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Superstitions Around the World

Ziyi: In China, there are a lot of superstitions. For example:

Inline image 1 People believe that if their left eye are twitching, then that means good luck. However, if it is the right eye that is twitching, then it is a black day for them.
Another one is that people, especially small businessman, usually buy and put small Buddha and money cat at their store. In China, these are superstitions that will bring them wealth. For example, in restaurants, small shops, you can often see those things.
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In addition, in the day of new year, Chinese people always have huge celebration and various dishes for dinner and breakfast. During people’s eating time, they can never knock their bowls by chopsticks, because people believe that this action is rude to god and hence will bring bad luck to the whole family in that year.


Japanese Superstitions
Kentaro Yokota

One of the Japanese superstitions is that if you whistle at night, snake will come out. It is famous, and was handing down from generation to generation. My mother would often scold me when I whistle at night. So I think many Japanese obey the superstition, although there is no evidence. According to a theory, the reason of the superstition was kidnappers. A long time ago, whistle was a sign for them to kidnap. They often carried out the crime after sunset, so there was danger of being kidnapped if a child whistle at night. In order to avoid this danger, the superstition was made.

Another Japanese superstition is about cutting nails. It is said that you can’t see your parents on their deathbed if you cut your nails at night in Japan. Since my father often cut his nails at night, he couldn’t see his mother on their deathbed. So I don’t cut my nails at night, but I am not sure when to do because morning in New York is night in Japan. Some people say the factor of the superstition is that 夜爪 meaning night nail in Japanese and 夜詰め meaning vigil in Japanese have same pronunciation, while others say that cutting nails at night caused danger of stepping on them because of dark lighting long ago. However many Japanese don’t seem to care the superstition.

Japan By Aru
In Japan, there is a superstition about the blood type.
A: punctual
B: at your own pace
O: not precise
AB: no feature
This is a just superstition present on one site, so there are many other characteristics.

ab-blood-diet-001 Source: 

Chinese SuperstitionsChina By Yunfei 


South Korea by So-Eun

After reading “13 common (but silly) superstitions”

Similar to the sixth superstition (which ironically talks about number 666), Koreans believe 4 as an unlucky number. The way you read number 4 in Korean is same as the sounds of the word “die” in a Chinese character. Even in my apartment building in Korea, there is no “4″ button in the elevator, instead it is written as “f.” In some places, there is no fourth floor since the number 4 is considered to calls bad lucks.

Vietnam by Lam

Friday the  13th is kind of common among Vietnamese teenagers, so I was not so surprise when I read the first few lines of the article. But after reading it, I realized that there are many things about Friday the 13th that I did not know. For example, picking up a penny and making wishes on a wishbone give you good luck, or opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck. There is a thing called bad luck comes in threes is kind of what happens in Vietnam on this day. When they receive a bad grade or late for school, and it is Friday the 13th, they immediately think that they will get bad luck for the whole day because of this. Or may be when they try to scare someone, like the kids in my old school, they tell others that they will get bad luck for the whole day or the rest of the year if they do this or do that because it is Friday the 13th, and some people actually believe it.

Japan by Maya

There is also a superstition in Japan, about breaking mirrors. People believe that breaking mirror reflects your bad lucks next seven years. However, I don’t want to believe this, because I recently found a broken mirror because of moving.

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