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Breakfast Around the World




EAL food blog China, Nina 10th Grade

image (1) South Korea, So-Eun 9th Grade

In a Brazilian breakfast there’s usually ham and cheese, orange juice, yogurt that we call danoninho, nescau that is powdered chocolate, powdered milk, requeijão, bread that we call bisnaginha and sometimes pão de queijo.

image1  Brazil, Gabi 7th Grade.

IMG_3920-2 China, Ziyi 12th Grade

natalie USA, Ms. Standig

photo (4) Laetitia 9th Grade


www.ungdomma.no Norway, Embla 10th Grade

фото Russia, Olya 9th Grade


照片 China, Christy 9th Grade

becca China, Ms. Singer

ảnh Vietnam, Lam Ha 10th Grade

Japanese food is often said to be healthy. In my opinion, the reason is that Japanese people always care about the balance of meals. We are taught how to balance our meals at school. This picture is an example of my breakfast.

First, the main dish is in the middle of the picture. I had sunny-side egg, ham, and salad. Egg and salad are the source of vitamin and mineral. And ham is the source of protein. Vitamin and mineral make us in good condition, while protein make our body.

Second, rice is on the left of the picture. This is boiled rice mixed with meat and vegetables. Rice is the source of carbohydrate. This makes our power and energy.

Third, miso soup and Japanese green tea is on the right. Miso is rich in iron, and green tea has a lot of catechin. Catechin is an antibacterial substance. We often drink these every day.

As you can see, we, Japanese people, care about our everyday meals very much. The nutrients above, vitamin mineral protein and carbohydrate, and lipid are called “five components nutrient”. We try to lack none of them in each meal. This must be the reason why Japanese food is healthy and popular among the world.

IMG_0298 Japan, Ken 11th Grade

The Japanese breakfast often based on white rice with some side dish. This from of breakfast is good for health and it is prefferd by all ages. I ate white rice, Miso-soup, baked salmon, rolled egg, Natto, yellow pickled radish and spinach with mushrooms. However, it takes time to prepare breakfast, so I usually eats a riceball with a side dish.
DSC_0045 Japan, Aru 11th Grade

IMG_0117 China, Yunfei 11th Grade

For my breakfast this Sunday I ate a sandwich with hagelslag, hagelslag is a typical Dutch way to eat breakfast. Hagelslag are chocolate sprinkles that you can sprinkle on top of your sandwich. There are many different flavors; there are pure chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, mixed. All sorts of different mixes, they aren’t made to eat it every single day because chocolate on your sandwich is not particularly
150292916_a79fdaa8ba_z Netherlands, Dawn 10th Grade

Thelmas breakfast France, Thelma 8th Grade

MK's Breakfast South Korea, MK 6th Grade

Solal Breakfast France, Solal 5th Grade

Emilia Breakfast Norway, Emilia 5th Grade

20141018_183758 South Korea, Scott 10th Grade

EAL brazilian Breakfast – Small – by Arthur 8th Grade

image1 Brazil, Christian 10th Grade

IMG_3302  Italy, Riccardo 9th Grade

image1 (1) Julien 10th Grade

This is the traditional Japanese style breakfast.! For me, eating this much from the morning is too much, and also I don’t have much time to cook in the morning, so I don’t eat it often. However, it contains a lot of energy source you need in a day,and also it is very healthy and delicious.
maya Japan, Maya 9th Grade

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