October 14

Untranslatable Words

Ever try to translate a word directly into English, but couldn’t? Well maybe that’s because it doesn’t exist! Check out these untranslatable words that have no single word in English. MOTTAINAI: Japanese Mottainai is often translated as “wasteful” in English, but it is not enough. Mottainai also has a meaning of “be too good for someone.” We, Japanese people, always respect things we use especially food and regret a lot when we waste them. Mottainai reflects those feelings. Wangari Maathai, an environmental activist, was the first person that recognized the value of the word “Mottainai.” She proposed 3R+R, reduce reuse recycle and respect, as “MOTTAINAI concept.” MOTTAINAI, showing respect to every single earth resource, would be a hint about environmental issues. MOTTAINAIKentaro 11th Grade IMG_3032 (1) Nina 10th Grade   Saudade: The feeling of missing someone or something. It is also feeling of nostalgia. You can have left your friend even an hour ago – this is the word used in Portuguese to describe this emotion. IMG_0611 Gabi 7th Grade IMG_2772 Julien 10th Grade photo 1 (5) Yunfei 11th Grade ZIyi use Ziyi 12th Grade   Kristys students post_Page_6Emilia 5th Grade Untranslatable Words2_Page_2  Thelma 8th Grade Untranslatable Words2_Page_1Arthur 8th Grade Kristys students post_Page_7Solal 5th Grade Kristys students post_Page_5 Maria 4th Grade Kristys students post_Page_1 Paula 4th Grade Kristys students post_Page_2 Jacabo 4th Grade Kristys students post_Page_3MK 6th Grade Kristys students post_Page_4 Enzo 5th Grade

I chose the word “ostehøvel” because this is a very common thing to have in Norway, but almost no one in america uses it. It is a devise that helps you cut chess into thin pieces, and it is a very typical norwegian thing. You can buy then some places in New York but they are hard to find, so we actually brought ours with us when we left.
 Embla 10th Grade

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.43.13 PM​ Aru 11th Grade Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.16.36 AM Junior 8th Grade Y-Lan post Y-Lan 6th Grade

IMG_0629Maria 8th Grade

IMG_0630Riccardo 9th Grade

IMG_0631 Christy 9th Grade

IMG_0632Laetitia 9th Grade

IMG_0633Kevin 8th Grade

Untranslatable Words _Page_2 Lam Ha 10th Grade

GezelligDawn 10th Grade


Untranslatable Words _Page_1 Maya 9th Grade

So-EunSo-Eun 9th Grade

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