August 29

Natural History Museum Experience

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On the Wednesday  27, the EAL team sat off to an amazing adventure of wonder and experience. At first we headed to the vary famous shake shack on the 77W with Columbus Ave. The restaurant had what I considered the best burger of all times and the best part was the restaurant was just out side of the museum entrance which was grate for us. After eating a lovely meal we went to the museum entrance, we entered by the planetarium which was grate because we  got in  just in front of the big globe were we got in. Inside the globe a voice began to speak and a holograph of the universe appeared on the ceiling. The person talking was taking us on a trip through  evry steep in the universe, how it begun, how is expanding, and if there is life some were els.   The fact we got in through the planetarium was grate because when got lots of knowledge before going in the big globe. We left the planetarium with joy.

We headed to another part  of the museum were we saw all of the  the famous Theodore Roosevelt /ted/teddy, hunt equipment. Ted was a politician, naturalist, explorer and historian. He was the 26th president of the united states. Then when you pass the ted section you get the sea part which on the roof there is a huge whale hanging there. We got 10 minutes to look around and then we would leave. I did the bottom part first and then the top part which was all very interesting. On the top part they had many real things in pots which was really cool. We got out off the museum and we saw a very big of Ted and we took many pictures there. From there we when back to school.In conclusion to our day I fond it really fun, useful and we learned a lot and I would recommend to any one at all Grades

Arthur Palaci Zani

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August 29

EAL TRIP TO STATUE OF LIBERTY and ELLIS ILAND – The Insiders Guide To New York City

In the day 28.8.2014 the EAL group went on a tour around new york, to see the following places : Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and we took off like this.We began walking southwest from Dwight, heading to W85th st and columbus to have lunch at soup stop, its a great place to go in the winter because they only make hot soup ,and if you are sick eat chicken noodle soup its really good.

We set and ate for 10 mins, then we headed for the subway on W86th st and broadway, to southfarry station it took us 20 stops (30 mins) to get there.We walked to the statue cruise, we saw the statue of liberty from all possible angles.Its 151 feet (46m) tall and it weights 450,000 pounds. The statues pedestal was built in 1885 to 1886 and completed in 1985 , it was a present from france.

From the statue we headed to Ellis Island is were immigrants from other countries came to move in new york in 1927 because of the war , and inside they had to do tests to see if they had diseases or if they were dum, like: one girl came to the officer, and the officer asked, do you wash stars from top to bottom? the girl responses i didn’t come to america to wash stairs.

After Ellis Island became back to south farry station. we dropped of on W86th st and broadway , we walked bak to Dwight and went home.And we all had a great time there it was really fun and a good place to go again with your parents.

By Enzo and Emma

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