Again holidays?! yay! (Spring Break)

So the first week of my spring break was in NYC, but it steel was cool! The reason why I stayed because my dad had business trip and only me my mom and sister can’t really fly to another country. So we just went to a park several times and relaxed the hall time!:D But on second week when my dad came fun started… Right in a first day my dad rented Porsche and we get to the new port road island. It was 5 hours and a half in a car! It was so boring! Then we get to the there we visited some mansions. It was so beautiful after 3 days there we came back and on the second day we went to Elia’s house and did a lot of fun stuff on 3 day we went to Elia’s house again and had a lot of fun. So it’s kind of all that I did over the spring break.

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My favorite character.

imageMy character is doge. I like doge because he is fluffy and so nice. He is a dog which breed is shiba inu. It’s an orange dog it’s kind of looks like a fox. It’s Japanese dog. If I had it I would go to the park with it. I would call him um….. DOGE. I choose this character as a friend because he is usualy very healthy dog and it’s easy to take care of it. This dog is from Google chrome. I want to have a dog shiba inu and when I was looking at the pictures I found this picture.


Perfect holiday

My perfect weekend would be….. I think I would go to Moscow and wins it my grand parents because I weary miss them. And I would wins it my school just to meet my friends. I want to visit my cousin. He’s name in a short form grisha in full Greegory. I want to rent expensive car but I can’t:). On new year I want to invite my grand parents, my friends and my cousins and my friends from Ukraine and celebrate new year all together. I want go to the park just to have fun. It would be best holiday.☺️


I never have Halloween before! Because we never calibrate Halloween in Russia. It’s my 1 Halloween! I never had Halloween costumes before! This is my 1 one. I exited about it! I have costume of phantom black hood close my face you can’t see it! It’s hard to explained.

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