winter vacation

7:30-our family wake up

8:00- we went to breakfast restaurant.


9:00-we finish breakfast.

9;10- we peakup the car and we went to the hospital because my mom sprint her leg raelly hard yesterday.(she was skiing and he jump at jumping thing and she fall down really hard)

9:30-  our family arrived at hospital.


9:50- we left the hospital.

10:30-we came back to ski resort.

10:35-we start watching drama in ski resort.

11:20- we went to ski leaft card shop.

11:25- we bought ski leaft card.

11:30- we make our own lunch in our resort room.

12:00 we finish eating lunch.

12:20- we went to ski.



4:30- we came back to resort

4:30~5:30- break time.

5:40- we went to really famous steak house.


6:40-we went back to ski resort.

6:40~7:30- I watch the video about game.

8:00~9:00- went to swim.

9:30-sleep time~~~  clip_image001(1)[1]

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