Final Presentation

I had a great time throughout the whole exhibition. My feelings when Mr. Beddows came to our classroom for the first time to explain what the exhibition was where really weird. I was really nervous because I wanted to know what the topic for the exhibition was going to be. I was also really happy that we were going to start the exhibition. Time passed really quickly and one day we started researching our questions of the exhibition. We had one week to research for a whole week and then we moved on to our creative writing piece. I was really excited to move on from researching because that was really boring. We only had one week to finish our creative writing piece, and that was enough time for me. Then When we were done with our creative writing piece we did our informational writing piece and I got a little angry for that because I do not like working and it was a lot of work. I was really nervous because we were going to present to our parents soon, and we did. I think that my group and I did a really good job in our presentation.


I also have shown a lot of skills throughout the exhibition. The first skill that I have shown was being a communicator because I shared my ideas with my groups and I also did a good job presenting.The second skill that I have shown is researching a lot to find out facts to say in the exhibition. The second to last skill that I have shown is being social, I was social because when I was presenting I use my hands to explain what I was saying. Finally I have shown self management skills by being really organized with my stuff.


I do not think that I am going to carry on because I think that I already know about social media. I also do not want to carry on because I think that it is a little boring to create websites for living. Finally I do not want to carry on doing social media because I don’t really like the topic. That means that if I could to the exhibition all over again I would do a different topic.


Exhibition Writing Blog Post May 2, 2014

Today we got to finish our visual pieces, but I already finished mine over the weekend. I helped people and I helped Hugo a lot. It was interesting what hugo was doing and what Akash was doing. I really like helping people because then I can see what they are doing. I think that I did a really awesome job on my poster and I can not wait to present it. We worked on the exhibition for the whole morning and that was really fun and we got a lot of things done. One of the things that we got done was our k note, and we practiced it a lot of times. We also finished our letters that we had to write to our mentors. One goal that I have for next time is practice more our k note with my group. Also another goal that I have is not looking at the knot when I present. One learner profile that I have shown is being caring. I showed that by helping other people with there work. One learner profile that I have to work on for next time is being more independent. I say that because I got distracted a lot of times when I was working.

Exhibition Blog post June 1, 2014

I am really nerves to present in the exhibition and I have to work really hard for the presentation to be perfect. This Friday we where finishing up our visual pieces and I decided to do a poster. The poster that I did was about, how phone changed over time. I did not finish it on friday so I had to do it for homework. I think that that poster that I did was the best poster I ever done. My favorite part about my poster is that it stands out because it has a lot of color, and because it is really detailed. I think that my group is going to do a great job presenting because we have a lot of things to show the audience. One thing that I am a little worried about is how we are going to present all of our stuff in 15 minutes. One learner profile that I showed throughout the period of doing the visual piece was being a thinker. I was a really good thinker because I thought of really good facts to put in my poster, and I did not just put random facts in it. One learner profile that I have to work on for next time is being more of a risk-taking persen. I say that because I did not try out new things, instead I did a poster like always. Over all I am really excited to present all the work that I have done.

Exhibition Blog Post May 28, 2014

Today we did a lot of work and it was really interesting how we did it. My group and I finished doing the plan for the k note, and it was the first time I did a plan for a k note presentation. We started doing are k note and we are almost done with it. I think that this k note is going to be the best k note I ever done with somebody, because we are adding a lot of detail to it. I think that we should add for pictures to our k note because if we do not do that it is going to lock really empty. We have to finish this k note by friday so we have to do as best we can to finish it on time. Today was the due date for are exhibition essay and I finished it. When we where finished with it we had to do a cover, and I also did that. Then we moved on to presenting our essays and I did and that was the best thing of the day. I was the third one to present, and I was not nerves at all. When I was presenting I made sure that I was saying everything correctly, and I also made sure that what I was saying made sense to everybody. One learner profile that I did a great job on showing was being a thinker. I was a thinker by thinking on what to say in my k note slide, and I was also a thinker by thinking about the best way I could present my exhibition essay. One learner profile that I have to work on is using more self management skills because I do not think we are going to finish our k note by friday so we have to use self management skills to do so. Over all I think I am doing a great job.

Exhibition Blog Post May 27, 2014

Today I was not in school because I had a field trip with my group. We went to the google office and it was so much fun, it was the best trip ever. In the google office they did not just work they played lego. There was a gym there with a x box 360. When we where walking to see the google office they gave us chocolates and they where really good. Then we went to ask the question that we prepared in class, my question was do you like working in google? What they said was that it was great being working for google and that it was really fun. When they answer all the questions I said if we could get them to have there signature, and they said yes. It was great being there in the google office because I never been there before and I got to see everything that google does. We also talked about how they added all the pictures in google maps. What they said about that is that they have to have a system that controls what people change in the world so it can update google maps really fast. Then we came back from the field trip and I was really sad because I wanted to stay. When we finished lunch we had to work on our exhibition essay and I am almost done with it. I think that for right now I am in a really good possession for the exhibition. One thing that I have to work on in my exhibition essay is my spelling because some of the word are not spelled correctly. One learner profile that I have shown today was being open minded. I did that by thinking of really good questions that I would get a lot of information on what they answered. One learner profile that I have to work on is being more of a communicator, I say that because I was a little shy in the beginning of the trip so I did not talk that much.

Exhibition Blog Post May 19, 2014

Today I had a really productive class, and I also had a lot of fun. We started a new essay and they gave us a sheet to plan out the essay. I have to do some homework on the essay plan sheet because I did not finish all of my first body paragraph. Also in my class we are sharing are creative writing pieces that we finished last week. I have not shared mine, but I really want to. I think that my grades on the creative writing pice is going to get a really good grade. I am really confused on what I am going to have to put on my essay because I here’d that we have to include four facts in each body paragraph. I am really excited to present the exhibition, because My group and I only have 11 days until we present. The essay is do next friday so I think that I am going to do some of it for homework. I don’t care if I have to finish it at home because I want it to be the best essay I ever don. For that I am going to put a lot of detail on my essay. Over all I think that I have a good start. One learner profile that I have shown is being a thinker, I have showed  that by not putting some random fact on my body paragraph, instead I am really thinking on the facts to put. One learner profile that I have to work on is being more open minded because I should put all the facts of the articles in front of my to have a reference to that.













































Exhibition May 13, 2014

I been having a really good time throughout the exhibition. This project is one of my favorite projects that I did in my whole life. I have been doing a great job researching, yesterday I took action by researching at home. The thing that I did at home was watching a video about how in North Korea they don’t let you use social media. I think that my process throughout the exhibition has been improved in this two weeks. It has been improved because now I think more about doing everything perfect and neat. Right now I am focusing on my Creative Writing Pice and I am doing a great job on that . I did a great job by finishing the plan of what I am going to do and finishing the first paragraph. I decided to do journal eateries instead of a story because then I can really get in to my characters shoes and think about what he is thinking. I think that I am a little behind on my Creative Writing pice because I have only done one paragraph, and the people that are doing a story have finished two paragraphs. My goal for tomorrow is finish two of my paragraphs that have a idea of what is going to happen next in my characters life. One leaner profile that I showed is open-minded. I have showed that by watching a video at home and focusing that video in my story. That video that I watched was one of the saddest videos that I watched in my whole life. One learner Profile that I have to work on is being more of a Risk-Taker because I have to do more work at home but I never do that. One of the things that I am having some difficulties with is my spelling in my story/journal.

Exhibition May 12th

I am feeling a little stressed because we have to do a lot of things for this Exhibition. My group is a really hardworking group and we are making sure that we finish our work on time.  I am feeling under pressure because it is a lot to finish in seventeen days. This week I am going to have a mentor meeting on Friday. I am really excited for that because we may plan a field trip. My choice of going to a field trip is going to the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. We also have to do a creative writing due this Friday, my decision is to write a fun story about social media. The story is going to be about a kid that lives in North Korea and he is going to go against the government that does not let people use social media. My questions have changed a little throughout the time, they have changed because some of my questions were not detailed so they did not give me good articles. The blog that I am going to do that is not a writing blog is a video of me saying stuff about the Exhibition. I have one learner profile word that I used a lot, that learner profile is reflective because I have been writing really good blogs about the exhibition. One learner profile that I have to work on is being more risk-taker because I never research with books and I should that that more often. I am really excited to present this presentation to my family because I think that I am doing a really good job. I have a lot of work that I have to do this week and I think that I am going to do some of that work at home.

Exhibition Due May 9th

So far this was my favorite week of all of the weeks in the exhibition. It was my favorite week because we had to research our questions and I really like researching, when my question that I am looking for is interesting. This week we had our second mentor meeting. What we did in that mentor meeting was show our homework that we did to our mentor, and then we planed out possible field trips and possible people to talk to. The field trip that I chose was going to the apple store and talk with the people at the genius bar about Social Media. The homework that our mentor gave us is to come up with some questions to ask Nik Zhou { Ms. Singer’s housebound}, and find the a dress to a possible field trip. I am doing really good with my research and I have a feeling that my group is going to do a great presentation. Also I think that I am really focused with my work and researching my questions really nicely. I found appropriate articles by going to a lot of articles and then choosing the right one to talk about. One goal that I have for researching is to always have a idea to know what I am looking for. I have shown to really good learner profile words, the first one is being caring. I showed this week be helping my class mates because I was a little  ahead  with my research. The second one that I have shown was independence, I showed that by being really focused on my job and on my questions that I made for my self.I have to work on being more of a thinker because sometimes my mind thought of other things wile I was doing my work. The exhibition right now is being a little challenging for me, but over all I think that I am doing a wonderful job.