My favorite holiday traditions

My favorite holiday is New Years, and my favorite traditions of New Years are red envelopes and fireworks. I like red envelopes, because there is money in red envelopes and red envelopes means children could be happy and can grow up. I like fireworks, because when fireworks are in the sky, it is very beautiful and colorful, and if many fireworks in the sky, they look like some people painting in the sky, but if you hear fireworks at night, you can not go to sleep. These are my favorite traditions on New Years.

My weekend

In my weekend, I went to fencing, dancing, Math, tutor and English class, every weekend are same. And every weekend, I only have short time to play with my family, for example: watch movies, play cards games, or play bingo game(can practice English), on this weekend, I only went cinema, and watched a good movie, the movie is called “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. The movie was very good, my favorite part is the small tree man dancing, is very cute, and the small tree man only can say “I am Gelu”, and the small tree man is stupid, he didn’t know any thing. This is my weekend, maybe I like it!

Grade 6 dinner

Yesterday at night, we had parents dinner, it was very exciting, because we started to talk about dinner five months ago, we spend a lot of time to think about how can do best!

Yesterday, when we finished all classes, we stayed at school, to help everything look like best, and we practiced position and foods name, we had many translation (Many Languages), and we also had performance, we are very exited, we started to talk five months ago, but we talked about position and other important thing only yesterday, only 2 hours.

When parents were coming, we went to our zone, and waited for manager to tell us to service parents, when we needed to give food to parents, we need stand look like a cord, and take food, give to parents and say the food name.

It’s very difficult to stand 3 hours, but we got it. At last we tasted every food, is amazing! My favorite is the ice-cream, I like parents dinner! I want to do it again!

My experience at the Central Park Zoo

Yesterday, we had a EAL trip to Central Park Zoo. First, we went to a place, that was like a big jungle, and there were many birds, and we also could see bats fly in a dark place. Second, we went to see the red pandas, when I heard red pandas, I thought is similar to pandas and just color is different, but when I saw red pandas, they were very cute, and they are small, and look like raccoons. Third, we saw two bears, and  one bear was like dancing. Fourth, we saw many cute penguins, they smelled fishy, and I saw part of penguins were swimming and part of penguins were eating, penguins swam very fast. Fifth, we saw two snow leopards, one was a adult, the other one was the big snow leopard’s daughter, when snow leopards are jumping, they can jump really high. At last we saw two cute sea lions, they smelled also very fishy. And then we went back to a room, we met a snake called Peanut. All student were touching the snake, and I felt Peanut is very smooth. I enjoy Central Park Zoo!

About cherry blossom trees

In the picture, a Japanese woman walks in a park, the park is pink, because there are many cherry blossom trees, she sees many people are talking about cherry blossom trees and taking picture for them, she can hear many people say the cherry blossom trees are very beautiful. She still walks, the woman can smell sweet from cherry blossom trees, and she may feel good when she walks in the colorful pink garden, because when you walk on a beautiful park, you could forget any bad things.

Spring break 2017

In Spring break, I went fencing game, and I got a medal, I am so surprised about that. And then I had the flu in first week and I couldn’t go any where, I just could stay at home and do my homework. In second week, I also needed stay at home and do my homework, so I didn’t go to ballet class and fencing class, I only went to English class, because I am very sick, but I needed to study English. My spring break was bad, because I just stayed at home, but my friend went to trip. I don’t want myself to be sick again in next break!

What is one of your funniest childhood memories?

My funniest childhood memories is my grandma bought a rabbit gave to my, I am very happy, because I love animals, but has one day, my grandma think my rabbit is dirty,and my grandma use hot water to wash my rabbit, and then after one day my rabbit was dead, I am very sad. Other time, I brought my rabbit go outside to play game, and when I want to go back yo home, I call my grandma go to caught my rabbit and then bring to home, but when my grandma caught my rabbit, the rabbit was has sound. That is to excited, because I don’t knew rabbit can has sound.

My new year

In this year I have goals for English :

Writing: I want to improve my grammar.

Speaking: I want to speak more English with my friends.

Reading: If you read more English book and then you English can improve very good.


This holiday, I went to fencing Winter camp at Manhattan Fencing Center, the camp is long, every day we have 5 hours. Is action   to 12:00 A.M. and over to 2:00 P.M. and you can ate your lunch, has one hour, and then action again to 3:00 A.M. and over to 5:00 P.M. Everyday is same! And the camp is over I usually stay in my home!







Why I enjoy fencing

When I start fencing is became to NYC on before 8 months, why I enjoy fencing, because 1. fencing si good for health. 2. I like to fencing. 2. when I’m sad or have emotion, I can used fencing to change my emotion. Now fencing is important for me, fencing is part of my life, I need to fencing. And when you are start fencing you can has other of school friends. And if you are with large team to learned fencing you can talk together, and if you wen to fencing to early you can play games with your new friends. So, fencing is a happy thing to do.