Grade 6 dinner

Yesterday at night, we had parents dinner, it was very exciting, because we started to talk about dinner five months ago, we spend a lot of time to think about how can do best!

Yesterday, when we finished all classes, we stayed at school, to help everything look like best, and we practiced position and foods name, we had many translation (Many Languages), and we also had performance, we are very exited, we started to talk five months ago, but we talked about position and other important thing only yesterday, only 2 hours.

When parents were coming, we went to our zone, and waited for manager to tell us to service parents, when we needed to give food to parents, we need stand look like a cord, and take food, give to parents and say the food name.

It’s very difficult to stand 3 hours, but we got it. At last we tasted every food, is amazing! My favorite is the ice-cream, I like parents dinner! I want to do it again!

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