My favorite holiday traditions

My favorite holiday is New Years, and my favorite traditions of New Years are red envelopes and fireworks. I like red envelopes, because there is money in red envelopes and red envelopes means children could be happy and can grow up. I like fireworks, because when fireworks are in the sky, it is very beautiful and colorful, and if many fireworks in the sky, they look like some people painting in the sky, but if you hear fireworks at night, you can not go to sleep. These are my favorite traditions on New Years.

My weekend

In my weekend, I went to fencing, dancing, Math, tutor and English class, every weekend are same. And every weekend, I only have short time to play with my family, for example: watch movies, play cards games, or play bingo game(can practice English), on this weekend, I only went cinema, and watched a good movie, the movie is called “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. The movie was very good, my favorite part is the small tree man dancing, is very cute, and the small tree man only can say “I am Gelu”, and the small tree man is stupid, he didn’t know any thing. This is my weekend, maybe I like it!

Grade 6 dinner

Yesterday at night, we had parents dinner, it was very exciting, because we started to talk about dinner five months ago, we spend a lot of time to think about how can do best!

Yesterday, when we finished all classes, we stayed at school, to help everything look like best, and we practiced position and foods name, we had many translation (Many Languages), and we also had performance, we are very exited, we started to talk five months ago, but we talked about position and other important thing only yesterday, only 2 hours.

When parents were coming, we went to our zone, and waited for manager to tell us to service parents, when we needed to give food to parents, we need stand look like a cord, and take food, give to parents and say the food name.

It’s very difficult to stand 3 hours, but we got it. At last we tasted every food, is amazing! My favorite is the ice-cream, I like parents dinner! I want to do it again!