Final Reflection

I really enjoyed exhibition. I really liked that we had mentors that helped us go through this tough time. My mentor was Ms. Scheck a 3rd grade teacher. We had a meeting once a week, and during that period it was very helpful. The only problem during exhibition for me was one thing, I didn’t really enjoyed my topic, access to technology. I actually wanted to study social media, but there were people already doing it.

During the whole process I had a lot of pressure on me, especially during London. We started Exhibition about two weeks before London. During London we needed to think a little about it, that wasn’t THAT hard, it was more when the London students were here. We had some homework each night and my buddy really distracted me from doing my work. I also thought at the beginning that exhibition is going to be really, really, hard. It wasn’t that hard at the end though. We might have researched a lot, but it wa actually more fun than hard.

I think I used the communication skill A LOT. I think it wasn’t just me, it was my whole group. One example is when we went to the Google office in New York. We interviewed some people there. We asked them a few questions, they gave great answers.

Exhibition was great. We couldn’t done it this great without Mr. Beddows, an amazing teacher.


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