Google Field Trip 5/27/14

Today was amazing. I was very posotively surprised about what we saw. First we ewnt to the subway stop 14th street. We went inside the Google buidling. First thing we saw there was a big sign out of glass and light saying ‘Google‘. We took a group picture there an then we went to the 4th floor. The building in total had 16 floors. When we went out the elevator we got our badges with our names. Then we saw a timeline of computers. And the it said for example ‘First iMac computer’ and under the owrds there was the first iMac computer! After we saw that we went to a big yellow room. There was a table inn the middle and shelves at the side. In the table in the middle there were Legos where we could build stuff, and on the shelves it showed like the YouTube sign out of Legos or the Google Chrome. At the side of the room there was a table where food was on. There were a few candies like M&Ms and also Fruits. There was coffee as well. Next to the table with Lego on it, there cushions that looked like Lego bricks, and they were the colors of Google. Then we went to the kitchen were there was free food again. It smelled great. It was very fun to see all those people working very hard and then eating at the same time. Then we went to another room where those older Pas-Man machines were, obviously we played a little. After we went to the ‘Game Room’. The game room was amazing. There was a big ‘window’ inside the hallway so we coul look inside. We went inside it as well. The first thing we saw were excersise machines. Then masage chairs, and a Fussball-Table, Ping Pong table and billiard and last but not least a big flat screen TV with a XBox and a Wii. We were allowed to play in the room for 5 minutes. After about 10 seconds there was a big crowd arouund the masage chairs:) . After the game room, which was amazing, we went in a conference room and we asked our questions. My question was: Does everyone have access to Googl if they just have internet? Well, our tour man said that Google is trying to get it all aroun the world, but still there are goverments who dont want, it. He would say there is google in over 90%of the world. Ms. Scheck also asked how does Google help us to expressing ourselves. We all answered that partly. We said you can create or ‘play’ prgramms that include your fashion. For example if you like maps and the world, you can work in google maps. Unfortanetly this great field trip had an ending. Well, that part was very sad.

I think I used the learner profile Risk-Taker, because I asked a lot of questions to our tour man whos name was Kevin Hu.

This field trip was an experience I will never forget.

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