Exhibition Week 4, Post 2

This Informational Writing Piece is not as easy as I thought… I have a LOT of trouble with restating my thesis statement.  If you did not know what a thesis statement is: A short statement, usually one sentence, that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay. Well, my thesis is: Technology has improved a lot over time, and gets used differently around the world. I do not know how to say in other words again. I am maybe just going to write my own opinion. I hope that is allowed. Maybe I should just write a little for the other paragrahs so I have a clearer mind.

I think I used the Learner Profile Thinker because I thought if I could restate the thesis. Well I hope I can. I want to be more a Time-Managed person, because I never know when its already time to stop, so I do not get as much done.

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