Exhibition Week 1 Day 2

Today was appealing. We officially started our creative writing. We started planning, which is going great for me since Mrs. Singer helped me with doing a draft of my website on a sheet of paper. Basically what I just had to do was copy it down. What we also did is doing our draft. I am creating my draft with an absolutely fabulous website called wix.com. I know in the blog yesterday, I said that it was very hard to create it with that website. Well, I think I just got the hang of it, I ‘played’ a little around with website and that was it, I knew how to use it! After we planned our website, we looked at the articles we researched last week. I found a lot of information in my articles, so I had tuns of information on my website. Today I am very sure that I used the Well-Balanced profile, because I managed my time and I also made it good timing by thinking: ‘I think know *’* **** with this slide, lets go to the next. I think I want to be more a RIsk-Taker by trying new features out in the website. I think that I am doing very well, because Mrs. Singer helped me a LOT. I really enjoyed working with her, because she always tells me her thoughts about what I did. She is very helpful, because she knows a lot about China where there is a difference between USA in the case technology. She sent me a very interesting eMail about saying for example: ‘In China YouTube=Youku’ or ‘WhatsApp=WeChat’ She was very ¬†helpful in my exhibition this year. I think I couldn’t do it without her. You are probably thinking we just did the Creative Writing Piece today, well you’re thinking wrong. Mrs. Drevis and Ms. Arriaga handed out our grades about the blog from the past weeks. It was very exciting. I was proud of myself, because the maximum you could get was 8, we had two different grades, so two times 8. I got 8 on one and 6 on the other, that makes 14 out of 16!My group got an eMail from Ms. Scheck, our mentor, and she told us we should contact a friend of her, named Lucy Gray. If I understood correctly, she helped Dwight School New York getting technology for school work. It looks like she is a very important person in the business. I really like that Ms. Scheck always sends us eMails in her free time. It is very, very, kind of her always trying to help us. Like I already said, today was very appealing. But I really think that me and my group faced this challenge very good.

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