Exhibition Week 2 Day 1 May 12th

Exhibition has turned out to being very hard lately. I am very struggling in my Creative Writing piece. I am stuck, because the website we use to create our own, is very hard.  I already have a rough plan, but I its very hard to really put it in.Like I said, I am very struggled. I think my questions haven’t really, changed, they just got changed to something thats more specific. I think that I could have a good feeling on what I have done so far, because I worked very hard. Also something new we did, is a sheet where we have three topics (Print, Digital and Alternate) so we see what we use a lot and what we need to  more work on. I have a lot on digital, so like websites… Exhibition is going pretty well, I would say. My group is facing a lot of challenges really well.


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  1. I hear you max it is also very hard work. Although my creative writing plan is more easy for me. I guess it is very hard to make a website. I also changed my questions because I realized that they were way to hard to research on. So I as well made them a bit more specific. I hope that your creative writing will cool off a bit and will become more simple for you.

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